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What A Professional Chef Eats In A Day • Tasty

“It’s crazy how food can brighten your mood.” Follow Chef Eric Sze of 886 restaurant for a day of eating, filled with avocado toast, noodles, ice cream, and more!

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26 thoughts on “What A Professional Chef Eats In A Day • Tasty

  1. This video is making me want to marry a chef.

  2. This is so wholesome

  3. Wait I know this: whatever is on the restaurant menu woth a twist….. at least the head chef gets it, we live on street food

  4. I would gain 500lbs living with this guy

  5. But do people generally do these things and eat breakfast am I that lazy?

  6. “Save the not broken one for the wife” omg goals

  7. Subtitles at 3:35 say porn instead of corn, just so ya know. I had an immature giggle but yeah, idk how they fix it or what hah

  8. Everything looked delicious! What a well seasoned castiron pan too.

  9. 1:53
    Him: life is good
    Me : when?😔

  10. I need to marry a chef

  11. When I went to visit Taiwan literally everyone told me to get snacks from Chia Te and I fell in love with their pineapple tarts ever since I tried them <333

  12. This guy seems like he would be a great friend or person to know

  13. ok i searched the whole comment box for a hate comment and found none so here we go.

    me: reads the title of the video
    also me: ok it’s an asian guy so the breakfast would rat stir fry, lunch is bat soup for starter and main is probably armadillo stew and last but not least dinner sarting with live baby octopus with soy sauce and for main course we’ll like to have dog tender loin medium rare.

    note: i’m writing this comment only as a joke. i know in this day and age everyone gets offended by literally anything said or done by someone, so for those who’ll get offended by a harmless joke should know that i’m not racist or a hater but someone who has nothing better to do except wasting time on the internet for fun.

  14. Yay, cilantro, now not only the main courses, the dessert can taste like soap too!

  15. I’m jealous 🙁

  16. I do not want too marry your beef UvU

  17. He is so friendly love it

  18. 說到台灣就是猛!

  19. This was such a fun video to watch! I love these at home/ what I eat in a day videos

  20. Hey guess what? He likes to eat

  21. swear most chefs eat their meals out the back of the restaurant while chain smoking darts

  22. This guy can make what’s left over in the fridge and it would still be good

  23. “Gonna need that avocado mash. It’s like fake guacamole.” 🤣 Hey thanks for the humble disclaimer. Avocado fans love avocado in all forms, authentic or otherwise. And that mash was probably better than what some folks pass off as guacamole…

  24. 6:04
    “Do you not wanna marry this beef?”

    I actually do! It’s fricking sexy

  25. 3:54 we don't have those in Latin America, but I guess it could work with Barritas Marinela too.

  26. I love how both him and Alvin make “woo!” sounds while searing steaks 😆

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