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We Recreated The Deep Dish Pizza From Our First Date • Tasty

Katie and Chris recreate the deep dish pizza from their first date!
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21 thoughts on “We Recreated The Deep Dish Pizza From Our First Date • Tasty

  1. I had heard the Chicago pizza from Food Insider………

  2. chris is becoming famous lolll

  3. I love watching both of you, you both looked like cat and a dog that works tpgether

  4. Wow they still remmeber what they eat for their first date. I dont even remember what I eat for lunch just now

  5. I feel so single watching them


  7. They both like couple in close enough

  8. I love your hat. I remember the Denver Nuggets from back in the day. Reminds me of an era with great athletes!
    The GOAT “ Greatest Athlete of all Sports” Michael Jordan “Clutch”
    Magic Johnson Against all odds
    Scottie Pippen Played in the shadows of the Goat and still shined. I always respected his post game interviews.
    Kobe Bryant love for the game, RIP
    Penny Hardaway three point man. Precision, Focus, respect and love for the game.
    Charles Barkley his going to talk sh!t.
    Shaq Man in the paint.
    Karl Malone the mailman
    Clyde Drexler Clyde the glide
    Tim Duncan

    But man, the “Bulls” my god was it fun to watch them play.
    The Chicago Bulls introduction – Intimidating
    It seem to always start with “our world champions”
    Michael always had great talent around him.
    I mean how unfair playing against
    Michael Jordan
    Scottie Pippen
    Dennis Rodman

    I didn’t even care if the Nuggets never made it to the playoffs, it was always great basketball!

    Man the good old days, anyway nice hat!

  9. I want what they have pls, they're so in love with each other 🤧

  10. Spinach and pepperoni tho?

  11. pizza with love 🥰😉

  12. imagine looking so effortlessly pretty in a ponytail like her oml

  13. This is exactly how chicago deep dish pizza is. However i never thought about putting the sausage on top. Using a cast iron skillet really does help get the crust crispy and delicious. So being from chicago i approve.

  14. Hopefully tasty sees this, but I've always wanted to crack my eggs with one hand, show us how? As I'm becoming better at cooking and baking, I'd think it would add some fun into the process 🙂

  15. I'm a born and raised Chicagoan who now lives in LA. Masa is my go to place for Chicago pizza. I live in Hollywood and don't drive. I take an hour long bus ride there and back for that pizza!

  16. Looks so delicious 🥰

  17. me watching this so i get hungry and eat a lot of food and finally gain some weight

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