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Trendy Vs. Traditional: Pie • Tasty

It’s a pie party in the final episode for this season’s Trendy Vs. Traditional! Will the transparent lemon meringue pie or the flaky, buttery apple pie take home the π crown?!

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We’re mindful of how the current coronavirus outbreak might be affecting your access to stores and general grocery items. Please know that many of these videos were filmed before the outbreak and additional new videos filmed by our producers, working safely from their homes, may look and feel different than what you’re accustomed to. We don’t expect you to make all of our recipes now, but we hope you’ll find it a joyful distraction that’s entertaining, inspiring, and worth saving for a future food challenge or meal shared with friends.

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39 thoughts on “Trendy Vs. Traditional: Pie • Tasty

  1. And that marks the end of this season's Trendy Vs. Traditional!! Thank you all so much for tuning in! Now that we've done cheesecake, pizza, grilled cheese and pie, what other food items would you like to see featured on the show? Let me know and I'll see you all soon 🙂 Stay safe!

  2. Am I the only one who prefers pumpkin pie over either of these 😬

  3. Inga is like a lady version of Alvin

  4. I really want some apple pie now….*goes off to check the pantry for ingredients*

  5. Her voice sounds like the baby sitter from The Incredibles

  6. Love the music choice… el toreador, otherwise known as Carmen overture by Bizet

  7. In the next season i hope Chris returns….. I miss his jokes….😭


  9. So… no one's gonna talk how cute the judge is? His cheeks are chubby and dominating the face, so cute

  10. “It smells like a field of lemons”

  11. Why are Inga's opponents always sweating at the tasting LMAO 🤣🤣

  12. In my country these fruit pies are not common- pies are filled with meat instead.

  13. Traditional Apple Pie all day

  14. Make a trendy vs traditional about noodles!🤩

  15. Oml she sounds like a little kiddo ADORABLE XD

  16. You said yo favarite pie is apple in the beginning then your said it is the pie you're making

  17. Where's chris? When's he gonna come back?

  18. anyone else head over heels in love with Inga? Obviously yes. I mean you just have to be

  19. She sounds like Mabel from Gravity Falls

  20. That lemon pie seems so delicious 😍 but i love apple pie too.. What if they make a lemon, apple, meringue pie??

  21. Are these going to be on the app? I really want to make that clear Lemon meringue pie.

  22. my request: keep hal on the show because he's hilarious😂👍

  23. Can you write the apple pie recipe

  24. can anybody talk about the guy behind them.

  25. I don’t know if that’s trendy most stuff I’ve never seen

  26. Anyone else think that the tasty kit hen looks like an ikea kitchen

  27. Oh my God there’s an extra little baby cube of butter on the surface. If he won’t eat that, I definitely will

  28. "i got my butta….." hahaha im crying!!!!!

  29. Inga is so cute!!!!!!!!😍😍😊😊😊😊

  30. i just love inga’s laugh ! ❤️

  31. They should have done the same kind of pie

  32. I miss Chris from the old episodes ;(

  33. they r making my 2 fav pies!

  34. Who else is watching these while they’re hungry

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