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Trendy Vs. Traditional: Grilled Cheese • Tasty

A gooey rainbow grilled cheese versus a classic sharp cheddar sourdough grilled cheese – which one will make you melt?

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28 thoughts on “Trendy Vs. Traditional: Grilled Cheese • Tasty

  1. But really, you can’t go wrong with any kind of grilled cheese… Thank you to everyone who requested this! Ashley and I had a lot of fun doing those cheese pulls 😂

  2. 5:17 There is no such thing as too much cheese

  3. Put cheese on the outside of the grilled cheese you get a salty crispy cheesy outside

  4. can you make mozzeralla sticks or ice cream sandwich trendy or traditional

  5. No one:

    Literally no one:

    Not even a single soul in:

    Them: banging table

  6. First time Inga lost? XD jajajajaja

  7. God loves you, He will bring you rest, peace, joy. He wants a personal relationship with you. He knows u by name just accept Him, give your life!❤️

  8. Trendy vs. Traditional: Donut




  10. Oooo belly button ~s o c o n t r o v e r s i a l~


  12. Lemme put y’all on something, MUENSTER CHEESE

  13. Why did I have a severe craving for grilled cheese, didn't say ANYTHING about it and this is now in my recommendations

  14. American serving sizes: the channel

  15. The traditional grilled cheese will always win

  16. I’m here to appreciate that little editing at 5:07

  17. I'm a sucker for novelty food, I love Inga's take in every episode

  18. Make chocolate brownies or chocolate truffles

  19. I loved the personalities of all 3 of you in this video!!

  20. Why is the cheese orange? That ain’t cheddar! That’s something else. A well aged cheddar should be white with a possible tinge of yellow.

  21. I really love her its like im listening to a cartoon everytime she talks its so cute 🥰🥰

  22. I hate my mind 😫😫

  23. Automatically thought of jane the virgin lol

  24. Michele is…… cute. Like a little hamster.

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