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Tasty Tries Indonesian Food

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Special thanks to Simpang Asia for providing the food and location.
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42 thoughts on “Tasty Tries Indonesian Food

  1. Young Banana, okay..

  2. Cendol : 30 cents ($0.13)
    coconut milk palm sugar rice flour jelly : $13.0

  3. "Indomie selera ku" Indomie makanan terindah bagi orang kos

  4. lol kayak chef juna

  5. English youtuber: puts the word indonesia in it
    Indonesian: hippity hoppity your comment section is our property

  6. emping chips like the worst chips ever. it start tasting salty and start taste bitter on the end. and i hate it while i eat bubur ayam and gado gado yea and some other food that using emping chips. ima say no

  7. When I heard the name nasi bungkus it wasn't really nasi bungkus bcs it's actually called nasi liwet

  8. Inggris: coconut milk palm sugar rice flour jelly

    Indo: cendol 😂

  9. cendol belong to Malaysia

  10. Nasi bungkus

    Subtitle : Nazi bunker

  11. Coconut milk palm sugar rice flour jelly
    It's cendol -_-

  12. Young banana.. All indonesian explains fruits that way… 😁 young jackfruit, young manggo.. Young papaya… Locals will understand, that's how asian explain food.. Cheers

  13. Young Banana 😁 what do you think ??? 😂😂😂

  14. Overproud indonesian detected here

  15. Di mana sang juara yaitu rendang?!

  16. Im an indonesian and i eat indomie all day at quarantine its heaven

  17. Indonesian:"Nasi uduk nya mana?"

  18. you should try Russian food!

  19. imagine buying a nasi goreng in indonesia for 1$ or less and selling them at us for 15$ 😂

  20. Im from Indonesia and my favorite food is Indomie (which is ramen noodles)

  21. why the intro is like pornhub LMAO

  22. Try nasi padang and then you can thank me later

  23. I'm disappointed u don't eat my favorite food it name is martabak

  24. Gado gado Itu paling enak kalo lagi diet

  25. i love how they eat the rendang with a rice

  26. They have to try INDOMIE pleaseeeeeeee

  27. I used the automatic subtitle and when they talk "nasi bungkus" the subtitle say "Nazi Bunker"

  28. Young banana 🤣🤣🤣

  29. Please subtitle Indonesia 🇮🇩😁

  30. Hello from indonesia

  31. rendang is not from malaysia

  32. Isinya orang indo semua njir

  33. I watched while i'm on fasting

  34. Recreate this things, with Buzzfeed worth it boys.

  35. you know why are they wrong for doing this? because instead of not ordering it from abang abang they ordering it from a restaurant

  36. It’s funny that you ordered ‘nasi bungkus’ when you’re dine in…. ‘bungkus’ means ‘wrapped’ and commonly, you supposed to order this as a take away dish (no box lunch neccessary😁).. thx to promote these food though, love from 🇲🇨



    Mantapp bro lanjutkan

  39. OMG hii i am from indonesia

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