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Saturday Night Passover Seder feat. Dan Levy, Finn Wolfhard, Billy Porter, Idina Menzel & More

Welcome to our Seder table. Sit back (seriously, recline!) and join your favorite stars to celebrate Passover through music and comedy as we raise funds for the CDC Foundation COVID-19 Emergency Response Fund.

Who are our Seder guests? Glad you asked! Pamela Adlon, Jason Alexander, Reza Aslan, Skylar Astin, Shoshana Bean, Mayim Bialik, Rachel Brosnahan, Rabbi Sharon Brous, D’Arcy Carden, Andy Cohen, Darren Criss, Fran Drescher, Billy Eichner, Cynthia Erivo, Beanie Feldstein, Harvey Fierstein, Tan France, Eliot Glazer, Ilana Glazer, Josh Groban, Richard Kind, Julie Klausner, Nick Kroll, Rabbi Amichai Lau-Lavie, Dan Levy, Judith Light, Camryn Manheim, Milo Manheim, Alan Menken, Idina Menzel, Debra Messing, Isaac Mizrahi, Busy Philipps, Ben Platt, Billy Porter, Stephen Schwartz, Michael Solomonov, Shaina Taub, Nina West, Henry Winkler, Finn Wolfhard, Rabbi David Wolpe, and more!
Pull up a chair, make yourself at home. We’ll pack you up some leftovers.

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*a note to our viewers: Although Now That’s What I Call Passover would be a legendary CD, it does not exist in reality. Any reference to owning a copy of the CD throughout the seder is in jest, no CDs will be mailed.


50 thoughts on “Saturday Night Passover Seder feat. Dan Levy, Finn Wolfhard, Billy Porter, Idina Menzel & More

  1. DARREN CRISS ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  2. OMG Idina’s laugh is everything I love her so much

  3. I wonder what it's like to celebrate Passover Because I'm Catholic

  4. Fran’s hand washing technique is garbage! Her hands are not clean.

  5. That was wonderful

  6. Judy Gold, (26:39 in) hits it right on the nose. Such memories

  7. I’m Mormon, and this is so beautiful! This brought me so much peace.

  8. Wonderful 👏🏻👏🏻❤️❤️

  9. I need to know what that painting behind Idina is. Its so awesome.

  10. Absolutely LOVED this!!!

  11. I live for Bette Midler

  12. This is wonderful! So glad to see so much talent, including the great Bette Midler! – A non-jew who learned a lot about Judaism

  13. Rabbi Sharon Brous your beautifully worded prayer is my prayer as well, Bless you all for sharing your Seder and teaching us through songs and stories! My heart is crying with joy to have shared this with you all! Thank you! Blessing!

  14. Beautiful Beautiful! I will never listen to somewhere over the rainbow the same! Tore my heart right out of my chest!

  15. Who want to learn Hebrew? I can teach you GUYS. 😅😅😅

  16. I love this, entertainment, knowledge and complete enjoyment!

  17. I waited to watch this, I don't remember why. Now I know. 3 weeks after this originally aired, I broke the world record for the most times anyone has ever gotten goosebumps in 1:1:00, and I really really needed it. Thank you.

  18. I love everything about this, besides for that you're raising money for the absolutely corrupt CDC. And pretending that they're a non profit organization….

  19. Beautiful video. Great fundraiser, educational and touching. Enjoyed Ben Platt’s singing. Wow. Congrats showing us your beautiful holiday. 👍😉🌈

  20. 19:58 I watched almost 20 minutes of this just to see Dan Levy, and hear him say he can't get a table at Zahav restaurant. That makes me incredibly sad, but then seeing Dan smile and make the world's saddest Seder plate made it all ok.

  21. Such a lovely celebration, happy Passover to everyone around the world. May your days be filled with love, kindness and joy xx

  22. Laughed and cried, and my soul was set free for a beautiful, wonderful moment. Thank you to all the participants. Shalom.

  23. I wondered how "When You Believe" will be presented since it is my favorite song of all time and I don't understand how it is not covered more right now. And here I am, listening to two of my favorite divas (in sweatpants!), perfection in every way!

  24. I’m an Irish mexican Catholic and I just loved this!!! Learned so much. Thank you!!!

  25. Back then they were called Hebrews, not Jews, but the whole thing is awesome! Thank you all for that!

  26. Really lovely. Thanks so much for sharing.

  27. Ummm no we remember Jesus died for us and God’s sacrifice for us 😳😢 seriously?! The blood on the posts in Egypt waa was to represent Jesus blood. 😳 ummm maybe someone read a Bibel.

  28. Next year in Jerusalem, my friends.

  29. Let's be real: All the Broadway fans are geeking out right now!!

  30. Now That's What I Call Passover NEEDS TO BE A REALITY!!!!

  31. I'm sure I'm in the minority here but I actually preferred the movie version of When You Believe, not the bluesy Whitney Houston one.

  32. loved this. watched it from beginning to end. so many talented people.

  33. laughter. Boy I miss them.

  34. Just gotta love Henry Winkler reading from a children's book to give us a history lesson 😂

  35. Chef: do you have something green veg?
    Dan levy: would salsa verde do?
    Me: (after a minute of hysterical laughter) not big into veggies I see 🤣

  36. Absolutely love this!!! Happy holidays everybody!!

  37. I am not jewish and this brought tears to my eyes, filled my heart with love and joy. Thank you for your kindness

  38. Thank you for sharing your story. 🎶🎶

  39. CDC FOUNDATION = Bill Gates . Go visit his Instagram.

  40. Saturday Seder carrying me across the finish line today – Beautifully entertaining and inspiring and so fun!

  41. Beautiful……….. (and btw…… Ben, I heard a little bit of Sam's charts in your 'Rainbow". Excellent <3 )

  42. miss the guilt??
    pfff halevai

  43. a small part of me wishes all of them were Jewish. especially rachel brosnahan since shes plays one in her show.

  44. This is so great to watch. I'm Jewish, living and working tiny tiny town, no seder at all for me, not this year, sadly. Next year in Jerusalem! next year anywhere as long as there is no COVID 19 and none of this having to be alone in quarantine.

  45. The only thing that could make this better is if you could add a <3 or a lol to the timeline at the point when you were moved. Like Soundcloud.

  46. Happy Passover to all my Jewish friends and to everyone watching tonight.

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