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Rie Tries to Recreate The Pudding Recipe From Cooking Mama • Tasty

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38 thoughts on “Rie Tries to Recreate The Pudding Recipe From Cooking Mama • Tasty

  1. Ries face tho when playing the game was a picture: true concentration ladies and gents

  2. Samsung represent!! Kbai

  3. me dominican… isn’t that flan-

  4. We call that "LECHE FLAN" here in the Philippines💕

  5. It's like a leche flan from the Philippines actually but we used evaporated milk and condensed milk ♥️💜

  6. That looks my abuelas Flan

  7. Is it just me, or does rie look soooo cute in that bow

  8. Can you make it without egg 🤨….ps I am a vegetarian But want to eat it

  9. Tell you what else to recreate , in a videogame..?
    Aha! M-make Toriel's Butterscotch Cinnamon Pie

  10. who els was laughing so hard at the picture of this vid

  11. I live in the country “ middle of nowhere “ and we call it pudding

  12. But who is da father?!

  13. Can we use oven instead?

  14. Wow! Cooking mama is my favourite cooking game

  15. this… this… strongly reminds me of flan cake


  17. WOW! Even better in mama!

  18. You can try to recreate drinks from crazy juicer! Try it!
    Pls not ignore this message!

  19. 8:36
    Alix did this trick in the raindrop cake episode and it didn't work then she said "You lied to me, Rie!😂"…..HAHAH

  20. Did anyone notice??

    They wrote Rie instead of this chef

  21. Me: watching the video and gets hungry

    Me: skips to the part where she cooks

    Am I the only one who does this. XD

  22. Her accent is so cute I love it

  23. Wait isn't this pudding called leche plan in the Philippines

  24. Rie:pudding

    Me who’s a filipino:it’s LECHE FLAN

  25. even better than mama

  26. It's kinda similar to Leche flan here in Philippines 🤔

  27. filipinos and mexicans: isn’t that flan-

  28. Mama would be proud of you putting that cherry on top of the pudding

  29. Literally anything from pokemon please!!!!

  30. So it’s a flan? Same ingredients as leche flan (filipino ver)

  31. Can you do toriels butterscotch cinnamon pie from undertale?

  32. seeing rie laugh is so delightful, after making us happy she deserves to be equally as happy ❤️

  33. I used to play that game all the time 🥺

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