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Recipe Exchange Student // Can My Friend Follow This Recipe In Japanese? • Tasty

Can Gadiel follow this recipe in Japanese?

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38 thoughts on “Recipe Exchange Student // Can My Friend Follow This Recipe In Japanese? • Tasty

  1. I love Rie with her kitchen safety! Haha.

  2. Can I substitute the sesame oil with olive oil instead 👀

  3. Why it looked like Rie is pregnant ?

  4. I want to see mina or sana or momo in cooking show with rie

  5. I like how rie is just so carefull :3

  6. Rie: "This is just cooking, we are not saving world" this needs to be a tee shirt

  7. Rie : *breaths
    Gadiel : "iS tHaT tHe bEeF???"

  8. I'm learning Japanese language and dishes! Wow! Rie you are so patience in teaching especially when speaking in different language.. Just admiring you so much… You really have people who understand your language and your mind..

  9. Gadiel face changed the moment rie spoke Japanese hahahaha

  10. Okay but can u do one with a Mexican person please

  11. I WANT M O R E! This is so cute!!!

  12. Can you please make slim Jim’s fancy

  13. She so nice , she cant help it but to help too much hahaha

  14. Tasty this is a request,
    Can you make Kerala food please.

  15. So y'all ain't gonna talk about the fact that Rie is pregnant?

  16. Lol, cut it like a platano lol


  18. "guy sees a girl naked by accidents"

    girls: pervert

    "girls sees guys naked"

    girls" YOU PERVERT

    me: what the…

  19. 🇩🇴🇩🇴🥰

  20. I want rie to make Indian dish in Hindi instructions


  22. Woah i wanna try it!!!

  23. Is it just me or is she pregnant?

  24. This man cooking as recklessly as he’s cooking is honestly so Latin I’m crack tf up

  25. New series: Rie and Gadiel do EVERYTHING together!

  26. Japanese and Korean sounds very similar including their inflections

  27. Love the Latin hype!!! I’m Latin American and this is SOOOO represents me

  28. the best duo in tasty for sure!!!

  29. When they were starting to put the ingredients in the casserole, I shouted NIKUJAGA! And I was right yaaaaayyyyy

  30. He looks like Cesar from 90 day fiance

  31. Bruh i was not expecting gadiel to be on this channel, does he usually do vids with them?

  32. Rie is looking beautiful

  33. “We are not saving world” she kills me😂

  34. When you just found out you are 1% Japanese: 1:28

  35. Bruuuuh I live in Sasebo Japan right nowwww

  36. I would love to see Gordon Ramsay follow the instructions lol anyone else?

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