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Cleanse Tincture / Liquid Herbal Extract**

Walnut Hulls (green hulls) –
Juglans Nigra

Syzygium Aromaticum


most people hear about parasites or worms, they shudder at the thought of
having something else feeding off their body, taking what nutrients
it would like in order to support itself. Unfortunately, it is now estimated that
approximately 85% of Americans have at least some type of parasite
living inside of them. Most doctors in the United States are not
specifically trained to deal with parasites and will not treat them
unless they are visually seen. Once parasites are discovered, a physician will typically prescribe some anti-parasitic pharmaceutical that will
likely be highly toxic (as it is this toxicity is what kills off the
parasites). Luckily, we offer a highly effective, all-natural, herbal remedy to ward off these parasites.

does one get parasites or worms?

Parasites and intestinal worms are not very difficult to acquire, one can live with a very healthy
and clean lifestyle and still easily develop parasites. There are
some parasites that can be acquired through treated tap water, due to
their immunity to chlorine. Parasites can also be transferred very
easily from human to human. For example, if someone were to not wash
their hands after using the restroom and then touch something, tiny
eggs could be planted on whatever they touched. As soon as someone
else touches that same thing and then for one reason or another puts
their finger to their mouth, then they have just ingested those eggs.
Parasites are also often present in undercooked, raw, and processed
meats (including sushi), as well as unwashed fruits and vegetables.

How can I get rid of these awful things?

is good news however, which is that parasites can be treated and
destroyed with relative ease. While there are many herbs that are
very effective in treating parasites, the combination of Black Walnut
Hulls, Wormwood, and Cloves are the highest regarded parasite
treatment out there. Black Walnut Hulls and Wormwood work together
to kill adult and developing worms while the Cloves are used to kill
the eggs and larvae. Cloves along with most other spices are usually
irradiated, which means they are exposed to a large amount of
radiation to destroy bacteria. Cloves are great bactericides, so
this process is really not necessary for them. Non-irradiated cloves
are crucial when they are being used for parasitic infections. We
only use non-irradiated cloves in our Parasite Cleanse and
traditional clove tinctures.

natural anti-parasite remedies that would serve as wonderful
accompaniments to our Parasite Cleanse are:

Grape Seed ()

Garlic ()

Goldenseal ()

statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not
intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.


dosage is 30 drops, three times per day for 14 days. A parasite
cleanse is recommended twice a year (every six months).

to take it?

tinctures contain 40% grain alcohol in order to preserve the quality
of the solution. Since alcohol can have a rather offensive taste, we
have a number of suggestions for how to ingest this:

  • Place
    the drops directly under the tongue and chase with a small glass of
    water, juice, or any other fluid that may taste more pleasant

  • Place
    the drops directly in an ounce or so of water or other fluid and
    drink that

  • If
    serving to children under the age of 21, or if you want to avoid the
    harsh taste of the alcohol, you can either let the tincture sit out
    or heat it up on very low heat,
    until the alcohol evaporates (alcohol evaporates faster than water)

our tinctures:

Health tinctures are a great alternative to herbal teas, capsules,
and pills. They are fast acting and last for years when stored
properly. We pride ourselves on selling the highest quality
tinctures available. We use only the finest, highest quality herbs
from reputable growers all over the world.

Health tinctures contain 40% grain alcohol, rather than what has
become the industry standard of 30% or less (watch out for companies
that list it as 50 proof, that just means it contains 25% alcohol).
Alcohol is what ensures that each tincture is completely sterile and
free of any bacteria, spores, or microbes. We also use high quality
extracts instead of actual plant material to maximize the
concentration of the solutions and minimize the amounts of plant
material floating in each tincture.

make sure that we are selling the highest quality tinctures on the
market, we purchased tinctures from each of the most popular tincture
companies and performed thorough analyses on each. Our research
showed that our tinctures contain at least 2 times the amount
of active ingredients than all of the suppliers we have tested.

make our tinctures with material that is extracted using a far more
efficient extraction process than the extraction processes used by
other tincture suppliers (typically cold extraction). For example,
some claim to use a 1 to 1 ratio of 8 pounds of dried plant material
for every 8 pounds (1 gallon) of liquid. Now take a step back and
think about this: this dried plant material represents 20% or less of
the original weight of the plant and when it is soaked in liquid, it
will easily absorb most or all of this liquid. If the manufacturer
was able to compress this soaked plant material, only a portion of
this liquid would be able to be removed from the plant matter. Even
if perfect separation of liquid from plant matter was possible, it
would only contain 50% of the valuable constituents of the plant,
because in solution there is an equilibrium of active components
dispersed between the plant matter and the liquid. Again, this is
only in theory, it is actually impossible to extract all of the
liquid from the plant matter, so more than 50% of the active
constituents would be left unused in the plant matter. Feel free to
send us a message if you would like further explanation on this.

suppliers claim to use large quantities of plant material, but they
do not specify whether it is fresh or dry. Fresh plant material
contains 80% or more water by weight. We exclusively use dehydrated
plant materials to ensure potency, purity, and reliability of
strength. We are confident that we provide the highest quality
tinctures available. If you are not 100% satisfied with your order,
we will either give you a replacement or a full refund.

tinctures are stored in amber brown glass Boston Round bottles with
glass droppers (the 8 oz size does not come with a dropper attachment) attached and sealed with perforated shrink bands to
ensure the purity and quality of the product. Orders are shipped
within 1-3 business days through USPS First Class or USPS First Class

contact us if you have any questions or concerns.

The information provided in this auction has not been evaluated by
the FDA and is not to be used as a substitute for advice from a
medical professional. Please consult a licensed health care
professional before deciding to take any of the aforementioned
substances. It is important that they can look at your body type,
diet, exercise regimen, and any other important details about your
body to see which of these substances are right for you.

bidding on this product, the buyer agrees that neither the seller,
eBay nor PayPal will be held responsible in any way for any damages
or injuries brought about by the use of this product. The buyer
also affirms that he or she is at least 21 years of age, and has the
knowledge, experience and tools to safely handle this material.
The buyer agrees to conform to all federal, state, municipal,
provincial, or territorial laws. Buyer also agrees to indemnify
and hold harmless the seller to any and all claims, liabilities, or
causes of legal action.

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Black Walnut Hull, Clove, Wormwood

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Black Walnut Hull


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Wormwood (Artemisia absinthium)




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