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OMEGA XXLOur most powerful oil yet. OMEGA XXL features the highest concentration omega-3-6-9 fish oil in triglyceride form (the form naturally found in fish) to give you superior absorption and maximum benefits. Supports brain and heart health, joint mobility, and immune function to promote optimal wellness. More than 1000 mg of EPA+DHA in each soft gel.

Omega XXL is a concentrated fish oil rich in essential fatty
acids for health (EPA and DHA). This kind of fat is not produced naturally by
the body and is found in foods such as fish,
oleaginous vegetables, and plant seeds.
Omega XXL is a powerful fatty Acids mix from the waters of the Arctic Ocean (Siberia – Russia).

Fatty acids can be affected by the heat usually used for
processing food. A greater effectiveness
in the diet is obtained by consuming these fats in supplement form or liquid.
Its most important component is linoleic acid.

Omega XXL benefits

Essential Fatty acids are the basis for the production of
body cells and substances that transmit nerve impulses or regulate life
processes. These functions make them an important nutrient involved in
cardiovascular health, brain activity, and quality of hair and skin. Asthma, Diabetes , Arthritis , Osteoporosis , Skin Disorders
, High Cholesterol , High Blood Pressure , Attention Disorders , Depressive Disorders
, Macular Degeneration, Digestive Difficulties

Features of
OmegaXXL Supplement

Made in the USA

Provides essential fatty acids

Supports the healthy functions of cardiovascular system and
the brain

Helps the health of skin and hair

Promotes cardiovascular health

Promotes an active lifestyle

Promotes joint health

Reduces inflammation and joint pain

Natural anti-inflammatory drug

Easy-to-swallow softgels

Safe to consume

Contains all-natural ingredients

Supplement Facts:

Omega-3 (EPA) 1200 mg, Omega-3 (DHA) 1000 mg, Omega-6 200
mg, Omega-9 200 mg, Other Omega-3s 150 mg
and Proprietary Blend.

Directions: Take 2 Softgels
daily. One in the morning and the other one in the evening with food or


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