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Herpes Treatment Herpes Medicine: Most Everyone Has Herpes so Get Over it With HERP-B-GONE! – YouTube

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  • EFFECTIVE AND AFFORDABLE HERP-B-GONE BUNDLE: (1) RED-TOP, (1) GREEN-TOP and (1) BLUE-TOP WITH A FREE REFILL – You need all 3 to be HSV-Free! RED-TOP Original HERP-B-GONE balm to suppress Herpes outbreaks, GREEN-TOP SENSUAL LUBE to mitigate cross-infection between partners and BLUE-TOP HBG3 Internal support to block viral replication. Most Everyone Has Herpes So GET OVER IT with HERP-B-GONE. (90+% orders received within 72 hours.)
  • REAL MEDICINE BASED ON PROVEN SCIENCE – Works great for Molluscum contagiosum outbreaks, Impetigo, MRSA and stubborn cystic-acne!
  • FASTEST ACTING BALMS & INTERNAL MEDICINE FOR HERPES – Formulated by Hannah Yoseph, MD. We are the REAL #1 with over 80,000+ happy customers since 2014!
  • INSTANT SHIP & 24/7 CUSTOMER SUPPORT: We protect your privacy: Shipped in a DISCREET box with easy-to-remove labels on all 3 jars. All orders processed within 24 hours.
  • GENTLE HEALING GUARANTEED – Your HERP-B-GONE purchase & satisfaction is 100% unconditionally covered by the HERP-B-GONE relief guarantee. No questions asked! EVER!

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Doctor-Formulated Best-selling ORIGINAL Herpes Treatment in a DISCOUNT BUNDLE: SAVE OVER 20%! Bad News: You have Herpes. GOOD NEWS!: You can block it and live life on your terms. Here are the three best-selling OTC Doctor-Formulated anti-Herpes remedies: RED-TOP (Herp-B-Gone), GREEN-TOP (Sensual Lube) and BLUE-TOP (HBG3). Stop outbreaks (RED), decrease risk of cross infection (GREEN) and eradicate Herpes from the inside (BLUE) with powerful plant flavanoids (and lysine) that suppress the JNK gene that Herpes viruses use to replicate inside human host cells. For genital herpes, cold sores, shingles, molluscum, impetigo & acne. BLUE-TOP is formulated to suppress the activated JNK gene that helps Herpes replicate inside cells. Keep taking all supplement until outbreaks stop or are minimized. INGREDIENTS: RED-TOP: Plant oils of Coconut, Lemongrass, Hemp Seed, Lemon, Tamanu, Eucalyptus, Camphor, Tea Tree, Lemon Balm, Peppermint, Hyssop, Peru, Balsam, Thyme, Ginger Root, Oregano, Wormwood & Chamomile; Shea Butter, Cocoa Butter, Beeswax & BHT as preservative; GREEN-TOP: Plant oils of Coconut, Avocado, Castor Bean, Lemon, Cherry and Peppermint; Beeswax and BHT; BLUE-TOP: Colostrum, Beta-Glucan, Lysine, Mannose, N-Acetyl Glucosamine, Glutamine, Glycine, Quercitin, Curcumin, Silibinin, Honey Granules and Erythritol.

HERP-B-GONE by Hannah Yoseph, MD – YouTube

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