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One-Pot. Kid Friendly. Mom Approved: Hamburger Helper From Scratch • Tasty

Winners of Tasty’s Quarantine challenge, Kelly and her adorable son Dylan, show us how to make a one-pot elevated hamburger helper in less than 30 minutes. Stick around for cute bloopers at the end!

Watch Kelly’s Quarantine Challenge:

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35 thoughts on “One-Pot. Kid Friendly. Mom Approved: Hamburger Helper From Scratch • Tasty

  1. That pot was giving me ocd … a lil scrubby time please 😩

  2. dylan has to be a judge in make it fancy

  3. Lmao you need a new Dutch oven that thing looks so dirty

  4. Dylan: The true star of the show.

    Can we have more videos of Kelly and Dylan, please? They are awesome!

  5. « Noodles are perfectly al denteyy » Italians just had a heart attack 😂

  6. This is some shi t video

  7. Kelly : What's your favourite vegetable ?

    Dylan : Apples

    Kelly : That's not a vegetable

    Me : Lol

  8. I made this dish tonight; it was very delicious and easy! My sisters and mom really liked it! Thanks for sharing!

  9. Kelly: I usually try to sneak in vegetables
    Dylan: YoU hAvE bEtRaDe Me MoThEr

  10. If you're sick of cooking, simply don't cook every day. 😉 I get away with cooking 3(.5) times a week and it's working out great. Simply:
    – Cook 3 times a week (I do Wednesday, Saturday & Sunday)
    – Eat leftovers 3 times a week (I do Monday (from Saturday), Tuesday (from Sunday) & Thursday (from Wednesday))
    – Do whatever you want on Friday – my Fridays are usually really busy, so I just get a frozen meal and cook something fast in the evening (that's why ".5" – something like toasted sandwiches)
    If you don't want to eat the same leftovers that often, don't. Just divide them into portions and freeze them for the following week or the week after that to get a bit of variation going. 😉

  11. This is SO LOVELY, I love them both so much. Also, how refreshing to see cookware that's clearly actually been used for once! <3

  12. Hey Dylan I love you….I love dad lol…he gonna know how to cook when he get older watch out ladies lol…

  13. I call bs. If tomato's and broccoli are vegetables, than Dylan can call his apple a vegi too.
    I mean, the definition of vegetables is messed up. It's basically any part of the plant we eat except for seeds, cereals, flowers or anything that develops from a flower, except when that definition is inconvenient, so really basically anything.

  14. Dylan- Make it fancy….🥰😍😍

  15. اعفن يوتيوبر


  17. 3:28 i feel bad for kelly when dylan was like: i love dad
    like i feel so bad kelly is putting all her stress into this dish like motherhood 101
    this made me want to cry does anyone else in the comments feel bad?? i just wanna know

  18. Kelly:what did u say

    Dylan: I love Dad

    Kelly: I cAn sTilL sEe youR shADows iN mY rOoM

  19. If we're not getting more of Dylan and Kelly, I'M GONNA START A PROTEST!!!!!!!

  20. I made this dish this evening, its delicious! A few adjustments due to what ever I could find in my fridge, hubby and bub love it! My daughter…..different story. Ah well can't win em all!

  21. Wish you had written the recipe in the description box

  22. Looks delicious and this was so funny to watch. Thumbs up 😂👍🏽

  23. very nice! that was cute

  24. Omggg I love you and your kids hun! Please if you could teach us one pot dessert too. Would be so much appreciated. 🙈🙈❤

  25. Please more videos of Kelly please! I just made this, it was delicious.

  26. This looks SO yummy! Your little Dylan is just TOO cute!!! Yes, always squeeze in as many hidden veggies as possible!!!

  27. A question: Why is it called Hamburger Helper when it's a pasta dish?

  28. The color is simply terrible, but is good like ccement mortar

  29. I look like I don't like it but that's just my face 😂😂😂

  30. I am currently trying to make it but I think the conversion from us measurement into si might have given me too much…

  31. That was not a hamburger

  32. Dylan saying “make it fancy “ MELTED MY HEART

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