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Mouthwatering Recipes For Junk Food Lovers

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49 thoughts on “Mouthwatering Recipes For Junk Food Lovers

  1. I wish we were in a world where stuff like this is healthy

  2. That's bold of you to assume I have a microwave

  3. I hope they're more recipes that involves ice cube trays, those pizza cubes look amazeballs

  4. I actually watch this kind of videos and then imagine that im gonna cook this and eat this lmfao

  5. When they say mouth watering they don’t lie

  6. They say it like some people don’t like junk food

  7. Me: I want pizza rolls
    Mom: we have pizza rolls at home
    Pizza rolls at home: 2:38

  8. I want to throw up

  9. Top 👏👏👏👏

  10. 6:09 the fries went trough puberty and grew pimples 😂

  11. I’m getting fat by only watching this.

  12. Ku®wa i want to eat this ☹️

  13. Red velvet cake mix stains your pan

  14. Flat Stanley: Here's A Way To Become Thick Again!

  15. I'm from madrid and I am personally offended by those churros

  16. As soon as they said pig in a blanket I got a blanket and then I turned in to one anyone else 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  17. Honestly the best one for me was the banana stuffed bread

  18. Did anyone else spot that air bubble at 11:08 just me? Ok

  19. Who else had the click of shame on this video?

  20. Title:mouthwatering recipes for junk food lovers

    Me: oohh dis for me😂

  21. Ways to destroy your diet😅

  22. 2:51
    what was that tool that y’all used?? i need to know what it is for the lemon cupcakes im making for my cousins birthday.

  23. Me:reads title
    Also me: yeah as if all ur other videos didn't make my mouth water enough!!

  24. r u watching this in qurantine do like lol

  25. My parents: tell me to go on a diet
    Me: starts the diet
    My parents:

  26. OMG my mouth is watering 😮

  27. Are you calling my favorite food junk?


  28. When m&ms isn’t sponsoring tasty:chocolate candies

  29. Me watching this and wanting to make this but is broke af

  30. 10:39 mate it's already cut

  31. 2:44 i think you can use a sausage instead of a pickle if you don't like pickles.

  32. Por qué veo esto cuando te yo hambre, por qué soy tan masoquista

  33. You would wish your skinny like me not saying that you're fat I'm really skinny I have a lot of time on my hands to eat this stuff

  34. This isn't the first time you've watched this video, just admit it

  35. The Emoji Fries one be giving me elementary school nostalgia 🥺🥺. Anybody?

  36. The dislikes are from Italian people like me when seeing the Pineapple and Ham pizza

  37. the fact that its for junk food lovers almost makes me feel bad for watching this

  38. Tasty needs to be a restaurant.

  39. 6:23 Tutorial: How to get diabetes

  40. Me: sees them put pineapple on pizza….aaaaannnnddddd unsubscribed

  41. You know this video is for junk food lovers who usually do not have that kind of patience…

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