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Mouth-Watering Indian Food Recipes • Tasty

Indian food recipes pack a punch of tasty flavor!

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37 thoughts on “Mouth-Watering Indian Food Recipes • Tasty

  1. Like India food restaurant 🍽️🍗🇮🇳

  2. This is very cool chinken butter 😇

  3. I like to mix the chicken with the rice I don’t know why other people eat the chicken and rice without mixing it

  4. I know how y'all who are indians feel after watching this.
    I'm not an expert but most Indian food is vegetarian and not everything has red gravy.
    But despite a few flaws I liked the video.

  5. This is not INDIAN food.

  6. Number one thing about Indian food: You're not supposed to measure

  7. Sorry to be rude but you're only spoiling our respectice Indian dishes

  8. Indian food is the best… 😋😋😋😋

  9. U know only chicken items but sorry we have many types of dishes than ours

  10. I"m sorry but tomato sauce does not belong anywhere near indian ood

  11. This should be titled "Indian Chicken Recipes".

  12. There. Is. No. Cayenne. In. Indian. RECIPES!!!

  13. Actually biryani is not an Indian food or was some foreign country muslims recipe . Indian recipe are like pav bhaji poha etc

  14. omg there are indian recipes which don't have tomatoes and turmeric in them, and stop using tomato sauce instead of actual tomatoes .___.

  15. This is insane India food is not just about one pot cooking there are soo many diverse recipes u cannot put all that in a five min video ,…………. My heart broke into two when I say gallons of tomato sauce being poured after which the recipe was named Indian

    A big request to whites the authentic taste can be experienced only in India

  16. Wtf is this this is not Indian food

  17. Ye log baar baar tomato sauce kyu add karte rahte he

  18. 1:032:20
    My friend, that's not how you make biryani…

  19. I dont think so most Indians use heavy cream tbh

  20. As an Indian i was like whaaaa

  21. Your recipes would need way more than just a pinch of salt to be authentically Indian.

  22. the vid says "oh yes!" in the end… this one got me saying "oh noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!" when he put tomato sauce in butter chicken…

  23. We don't generally use butter for curries

  24. Now I know how italians feel about pineapple pizza

  25. Eveything has the same ingredients, only preparation is different

  26. Its simple: Ask experts

    Oh who?

    Indian moms!!!

  27. Every recipe looks the same! Nice try tho! ❤

  28. Rip my fellow Indians!

  29. That isn't how it's done!

  30. Want to cook something Indian recipe?


  31. There was nothing mouth watering about it

  32. One Indian thing I felt their was … garam masala

  33. u should have used red onions

  34. guys we dont use cream here

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