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Is This Food Or Something Else?: Fudge or Soap

Rie is the ultimate food prankster, can Rie fool her friends with these food look-a-likes?

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47 thoughts on “Is This Food Or Something Else?: Fudge or Soap

  1. 0:13 The face of pure evil….. 😂

  2. try added a glass dome so they can't smell it

  3. Why do I feel like this was filmed at night???

  4. “Oh it candy” “it’s candy” “it candy!”

    Me: “ok! We get it!”

  5. Nobody:

    "Uh its candy"
    " its candy"
    "this candy"

  6. 5:40 lol sounds like the memes

  7. Woman: I’ll eat anything
    Me: Anything?….😶😂

    I think wrong so don’t blame me

  8. For all my life I thought it was macaroon 4:13

  9. The dark skinned duo got the leftover macrons

  10. I am gonna start saying rock paper shoes😂😌

  11. @3:50 he turned into a first grader lol. It’s candy!

  12. "My whole life was a lie!"🤣🤣 Rock paper shoes 4:19

  13. Rock paper scissor… shoe

  14. HAHA "this is candy" LMAOO meeeee

  15. The Asian girl is a big yikes on everything 😂 she really said “rock paper scissors shoe” TFFF

  16. 3:45 this is candy the way he says it

  17. I once thought butter was white chocolate, trust me it looked exactly like it it was in a circle

  18. "not tea but definitely edible"

  19. Am I the only one who LOVES her accent

  20. It’s candy, it’s candy it’s candy 😂😂

  21. SIS HAS REALLY BEEN SAYING rock paper scissors shoes HER WHOLE LIFE

  22. Jasmine's expression at 2:12 is killing me yow

  23. Why do the black folks only have ONE Macaron each?😂😂that’s racist lmao

  24. Did he just eat soap

  25. i friken love Gadiel's Stranger Things themed shirt.

  26. “This is definitely tea”
    “No that’s soy sauce”
    Me: How can you not tell the difference…

  27. The Asians were like mines also tea 🍵 😂😂😂😂

  28. Q: I can smell it! It's f*cking soap!
    Q: still takes a bite

  29. But I also like food praks

  30. You should put a clothespin on their noses! Then they can’t smell

  31. you mean food or cum?

  32. did anyone realize how the hispanic dude and the black dude got no mic and one macaron for the last round wtf


  34. “Is this sesame paste or dirt?”

  35. "The world is filled with such crap" 😂

  36. When you're so asian, you can't tell diluted soy sauce from tea

  37. I just pulled a really funny joke! I put allot of Sodium Bicarbonate in a cake and my friend is trying to prank me by yellling and screaming that his stomach feels like its exploding and that he's in a lot of pain.
    Edit: He's randomly just laying on the floor he won't wake up! Why??

  38. Rie and prank is the best thing i watched today! 😂

  39. stopped watching and gave a thumbs down on the soap. what is wrong with you?!? pranks are one thing but eating soap can make you sick. when you can potentially cause harm it ceases being a prank and becomes a felony. won't be watching any more of your videos.


    MY WHOLE LIFE I THOUGHT IT WAS SHOE!!!! NOPE he is wrong I STILL THINK IT IS SHOE im 100% sure its shoe and no one can change my mind.

  41. I’m weak they’d aid “cheese” lol bruh it’s fudge🤣🤣

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