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I Upgraded The DoubleTree Chocolate Chip Cookie • Tasty

Kiano attempts to improve the DoubleTree Chocolate Chip Cookie recipe!
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Chocolate Chip Cookies Baking in the Oven Time Lapse
mphillips007/Getty Images


48 thoughts on “I Upgraded The DoubleTree Chocolate Chip Cookie • Tasty

  1. Am I the only one that’s never stayed at a hotel
    Actually nvm I’ve been at one hotel and I definitely know it wasn’t DoubleTree… I thought double tree was a store or something when I read the title

  2. came for the cookies, stayed for the "brown butter is magic y'all" at 6:18

  3. How many cookies can I make with this recipe

  4. Recipe in the comments pls?

  5. “You got the mixer you were born with”
    Miranda Cooper: “about that…”

  6. I tried your improvements and the cookies came out DELICIOUS

  7. I like her. Personality and character. Beautiful skin also very pretty. 🖤

  8. I just made your version of the DTH chocolate chip cookies.

  9. Kiano is my new Rie, See her in the thumbnail: Instant Click

  10. The real bonus is you didn't waste a whole lemon for a few drops of juice

  11. Kiano, thx so much for your video and tips! These cookies are the best ever! (…and I have made a lot of cookies in my life, haha) 🙂 I subbed toasted coconut for the walnuts because of a tree nut allergy in our family and it was fantastic!

  12. Kianoooo 😍😍😍😍

  13. She is so charming! She should be a Tasty personality, she is great and entertaining!

  14. congratulations, you are now a diamond member

  15. why she bitching the whole time lol

  16. anyone have the recipe without having to keep pausing….un pausing video…difficult with flour on the hands…lol

  17. I want cookies in middle of night now😒

  18. I love the fact that she didn’t want to waste that lemon 🍋

  19. Before incorporating the remaining ingredients (sugar and eggs?), should the brown butter cool.a little bit?

  20. Did she let the brown butter cool first before incorporating the sugar and eggs? Must know!

  21. That poor pothos needs some water 🚿 🌱

  22. i would probably love these if i liked walnuts and rolled oats lol


  24. 2:45 Most the commercial chocolate is rather on the mediocre side (if that) in the US, from what I've heard. Is that true?

  25. watch them steal her recipe

  26. Kiano
    All so beautiful

  27. The cookie dough for the double tree is baked from frozen. Also, do you think that Christie's Cookies (the company that makes the dough) would really release the REAL recipe. Nope, not even close to the real recipe.

  28. i mean,
    when we saw that THICC BOI come outta the oven,


  29. Idk what she’s talking about the doubletree cookies are bomb! It’s weird because her cookies didn’t even look like the original ones…

  30. “Make sure they are woke up, you’re just waking them up”

    so when you want to wake somebody up, you put them in a oven for 5-7 minutes? Thanks Tasty!

  31. I wanna make the upgraded version!

  32. I truly loved the original more🤷🏼‍♀️

  33. give me that cookie…cookie cookie cookie…..signed, you know who

  34. haven't slept all day but definitely will be trying this recipe in a bit

  35. I LOVE this woman

  36. This gurl is awesome. I wanna see more of her! ❤️

  37. I feel bad for those people who didn't taste the DoubleTree cookie

  38. There is no need to upgrade those cookies, I have made them 5 times now and it comes out delicious every time.

  39. I love your chilled mellow voice lol. I just tried this recipe and it was the best cookies ever!!.

  40. Kiano basically made doubletree cookie fancy

  41. Make kiano and rie participate in the next i draw you cook challenge

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