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I Tried To Make A Picnic For 2 For $14 • Tasty

David shows us how to make a picnic for 2 for just $14!
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44 thoughts on “I Tried To Make A Picnic For 2 For $14 • Tasty

  1. Hot tip, you can also take those same canned biscuits and put a little heavy cream on top and sprinkle some regular granulated sugar on top before you bake them and it makes them perfectly sweet and a lil crispy on top. I serve them cut in hald horizontally (like a sandwich) with macerated strawberries in the middle with fresh whipped cream on top of the strawberries, then the top of the biscuit on top. SO GOOD!

  2. The heart of the picnic is a fluttering heart.

  3. “It doesn’t have to look pretty as long as it tastes good” <— you out of Masterchef

  4. When I tell my mum that I made food on a really cheap budget, she starts talking about the electricity bills, like how long I used the kitchen lights and how much that cost and also how much the gas bill was🤦‍♀️

  5. A cheap and enjoyable meal.Lee
    From salad to chicken and dessert.
    a very delicious dish
    I'm having so much fun watching the video.
    The video that you have to like cooking

  6. no kidding, I'll watch anything this dude does. he's such a great presenter. give this man more videos! David is an absolute gem!

  7. He really should have his own restaraunt

  8. David is so gooooood. He almost rivals Andrew and Nikki for me.

  9. Love how they put black ppl in this channel so that they don't feel left out 🙄 after all 2020 has NOT been good so far 2 our poor African American loves

  10. David is the ultimate best!

  11. Man, this guy is so articulate I love it.

  12. Love the cooking on a budget with David episodes! Keep them coming 💯🔥🔥🔥

  13. where does this guy shop I cant even get half the stuff he's buying for $14

  14. Only $14? I could make so much for that. That’s easy!

  15. Love this series, keep it goin 🙂

  16. The "Pieyah!" gets me everytime I swear😂
    I love the series, cuz David has a nice sense of humor and always has a good attitude in these videos!

  17. Jesus is LORD

  18. That chicken 🤤

  19. Cute beanie +color ❤️

  20. Im starting to lik ths guy😅😊👌🏽

  21. Awwww u and Amanda are so cute

  22. That chicken looks soooo good

  23. Quick question: where u get an $.11 avocado

  24. David so sweet. Love his meals

  25. Tasty: Picnic
    Yogi Bear: Ight imma steal

  26. Tasty: Olive oil
    US: Oil! Must give them freedom

  27. looks so good

  28. Really it's so Tasty😋

  29. I love this but it’s just not realistic for me, strawberries at my grocery store alone are $4 a box 😬

  30. Im gonna call $.11 for avocado is full on bs. Probably for the tomato too. Good video…. but just saying…. Did you use 10% of one avocado?

  31. Wow I think he is the bob ross of food

  32. Where are your gloves in the kitchen

  33. Yaaay dollar dish with David is back!

  34. And he uses METAL STRAWS 😍

  35. I love David. He is awesome

  36. this is reaaaal cute

  37. 🔥🔥🔥 There goes that man again!!!!!!

  38. I was fascinated by the fried chicken…..👍👌👍

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