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I Tried To Make A Gourmet Dollar Store Dessert • Tasty

Katie shows us how to make a dollar store gourmet dessert!

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Chocolate Dessert
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47 thoughts on “I Tried To Make A Gourmet Dollar Store Dessert • Tasty

  1. I really love their vibes the old style is awesome, and the puns are great

  2. She looks like Emma Stone mixed with Shane Dawson

  3. Is it just me that thinks that Katie looks like Lindsay Lohan? Yes? K I’ll be heading out now-


  5. I absolutely love these videos you make at home! Please make more!!!😊😊

  6. Who noticed the beep sound after she said sugar? At 3:50

  7. I love that you guys match energies! Y’all are perfect together 💓🥺

  8. I would love her to be my HE teacher 🤗


  10. noooo not more bad puns 😱

  11. i hate how i laughed at that

  12. I need a channel dedicated to you two!

  13. chris and katie need a ship name. they're so cute.

  14. Cool together please 🙏🏻

  15. 6:41 lol that made me cringe cuz it was cool

  16. This video feels vintage lol

  17. Cook together! Please!

  18. I love you two! I enjoy this format! So fun!

  19. quality of buzzfeed videos: 📉

  20. Haha when she said but sugar is sugar, did anyone else think of Incredibles 2 when Dash’s dad was helping him with math and he said math is math 😂

  21. I just love this couple. ❤ I wish all had that kind of fairytale. We love you and your shows!

  22. Answering the first question: It's a dad joke, so yes. It is a funny pun🤣

  23. It's definitely gourmeight out of ten definitely tasty imma try

  24. Olive Katie's content but I do have to be honest there look like something that you would get at the Golden Corral off the desert station

  25. I love when she smilessss

  26. Did you marry him for his puns? LOL

  27. How does the L.A dollar store have eggs when I couldn’t even find hand soap at mine. :/

  28. They are actually so cute 😅😂

  29. good food! I also have a channel like that, please take a look!

  30. You both have BEAUTIFUL skin

  31. “Sugar is Sugar”
    – Katie 2020

  32. Definitely not a good pun😶

  33. isnt this just jelly slice? we have this in australia

  34. Didn't know thr know the dollar store had all this.

  35. I would make the homeless version of this but I'm to poor

  36. katies drawing is gonna be my new wallpaper

  37. Yes! More Katie and Chris!

  38. That joke had gourne over my head🤣🤣🤣

    Im so lame send help🤣

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