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I Tried Betty Crocker's Mini Donut Maker • Tasty

We tested Betty Crocker’s Mini Donut Maker!

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Homemade Aeblskiver Danish Pancake
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31 thoughts on “I Tried Betty Crocker's Mini Donut Maker • Tasty

  1. Just cut off the excesses with a kitchen scissors or a knife and viola!

  2. Donuts: burnt and webbed

    Breana: CHILD, WHAT??


  4. I love your video's i hope you do more

  5. Donut pancakes 🥞

  6. 1:44 why does it sound like R2-D2 screaming, lol?

  7. The electric mixer sounded like R2D2.

  8. Hope to see a Breana in more videos she was so fun to watch!💓💓

  9. My happy place people failing 🙂 i do it all the the time when i bake xD

  10. I have this machine at home and I ve never knew how to use this thing I just use the cake recipe 😅

  11. Tasty can you make a video with dutch food/meals?

  12. *girl it look like cake lolll her; IT LOOK LIKE CAKE ME: MHM IT ISSSSSS CAKEEE

  13. I should probably be in bed right now

  14. Hi my name is Jaja. I’m 12 years old. I made a YouTube channel because I was bored during quarantine😐. Please check it out, and subscribe if you like it 💕💕

  15. When the instructions say use the Pipebag but u used a tablespoon xD

  16. Me:My online classes are going so I will pay attention to my classes only

    ALSO ME :

  17. like the idea, we tried, so easy, stay connected.

  18. The 212 people who disliked are the workers who created that useless machine.

  19. You have to pipe it in, if not you won't get the hole in your donut.

  20. Congrats on 19 mil subscribed

  21. Id think of these as like a late night snack

  22. زرعت ورده بقناتك ممكن تزرعي ورده بقناتي

  23. Congrats for the 19M Subs

  24. Mini is better for small kids.. 🙂

  25. “I’m gonna trust you Betty”
    Bruh, don’t trust the Batter Witch like that. :p //brick’d

  26. Amazing cake for Party. 1000 like for you

  27. It definitely came out better with the piping bag.👌

  28. Your music so amazing. It's very fit your videos

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