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I Tried A 2,000-Year-Old Mead Recipe • Tasty

Today, Hannah Hart is in for a brewed awakening as she explores the history of an age-old brew—Mead!

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20 thoughts on “I Tried A 2,000-Year-Old Mead Recipe • Tasty

  1. Should look up "Phil Sacco makes Mead".

  2. She's just so damned adorable. I love mead, but likely not trying these!

  3. Normally with mead it was sweet cause you made in a short time. You normally let it sit in the pot you used for 2 weeks then transfer it to the bottle and let it sit for 2 months. But thats when using modern tools like airlocks

  4. Wow so wrong in making this

  5. You so amazingly beautiful 🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹

  6. is the mead drinkable now that you have given it time?

  7. OMG brewing alcohol is such a scientific process, please don't just change the instructions and ingredients willy nilly.

  8. I'm surprised it didn't explode being sealed while fermenting

  9. Maybe you should try bottled mead somewhere? because this stuff was not safe to drink. First rule for anything fermented: If it does not smell good DON´T INGEST IT: Scratch that. first rule of food. If it does not smell good don´t ingest it. There are exceptions for which we know they are safe but most is not.
    Try again with honey, sugar, champagne yest and water or reverse the fraction of Plini (3 parts honey 1 part water. well that´s over kill but that´s how it´s made in Poland to my knowledge) And yes I said "add sugar". The yeast needs a lot to create alcohol. And Champagne yest is just what I used when i tried. that stuff goes up to 19 percent. (which might be the reason I had to add sugar^^) I can tell you my mead has no sour smell to it at all and I usually have it ferment for two weeks. I´m by far no professional i´m the absolute opposite but it works.

  10. I bet it wasn't a Mead-Iocre flavor =P Maybe you should've left it in the sun =P

  11. This is my first time watching this show and was not impressed. How much time and money did you guys waste on making a show that only shows how clueless the host is?

  12. As a mead maker myself this whole thing made me cringe. But yay people know what mead is now.

  13. Mead is actually very good, thanks to my 3 visits to Denmark I've drunk lots of mead and its, in many cases, better than beer… depending on the beer.

  14. Anyone copying this, remember to sterilise all your utensils

  15. I tried orange mead wine recently, super sweet but not bad! I was gagging at the thought of fennel and parsley incorporated. Seriously try mead wine!

  16. So cool to see Hannah Hart again. For some reason she disappeared from my feed a long time ago. I miss the cheesy jokes and the occasional cheese consumption. Loved the shout out to my drunk kitchen.

    But yeah, as a mead homebrewer, I could tell both of these recipes were going to be bad.

  17. Ignores recepie instructions -> turns out bad -> al mead is bad

  18. Great scot! That's a lot of yeast!

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