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I Tried A 140-Year-Old Jambalaya Recipe • Tasty

Where did this southern staple get its start? To get the scoop on Jambalaya, Hannah Hart cooks alongside author and culinary historian Michael Twitty.

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44 thoughts on “I Tried A 140-Year-Old Jambalaya Recipe • Tasty

  1. I cringed every time she said Jambalaya. It's pronounced jum not jam

  2. If anybody reads this, one like = jambalaya for Alastor
    (Hazbin fans get it)

  3. If you put tomatoes in my jambalaya I will throw in the trash. No Cajun will ever put tomatoes in their jambalaya. That’s a New Orleans thing. Half my family predates the 13 Colonies. Try 1662. They were exiled after the end of the 7 years war.

  4. I, a South Carolinian, am cringing at her pronunciation of Jambalaya.

  5. The way she pronounces jambalaya physically hurts me. Girl it’s JUM, not JAM

  6. Incredibly unhealthy! live longer, lose weight

  7. Well I'm starved! Who wants some Jambalaya!

  8. Cut where there is a bit of freedom

  9. I saw him on the Townsends!!! If y'all like this guy, you need to see his interviews on the YouTube channel Townsends!!!

  10. It’s cool to see Michael outside of 18th century cooking with James townsend and son, I love his interpretation of historical cooking

  11. 6:20 his inner Gordon Ramsay came out😂😂

  12. I want to make this now!! Yum!!

  13. Kinda similar to jollof rice

  14. he is like bertram, but is not bertram

  15. i’m wondering can you make any indonesian traditional full?

  16. Hahahaha i love her
    She has my kind of energie and humor 😂

  17. alastor is shook
    ( 1995 intensifies )
    (hazbin hotel reference)

  18. I am not a mean person but, CAN YOU PLEASE STOP SAYING JAM-BALYA ITS JUM-BALYA

  19. I can’t decide wether you’re annoying or if I want you to have my kids…….

  20. OML GUYS SAY IT WITH ME: J-uhm-bal-i-ah

  21. As a louisiana native, I'd say that this whole video is wrong.

  22. "You heard it here first"
    I heard a lot of things here first…

  23. STOP . JUST STOP . It’s pronounced jum ba lie a

  24. in which this taught me more than my APUSH class

  25. I like how everyone points out that shes saying JAM instead of JUM but the food expert said JAM at the beginning

  26. “Way better than our lasagna. It had Cinnamon in it” “Bless your Hannah Hart”

  27. Aw my lord. This has been my favourite episode so far.

  28. Y’all be talking bout how they said jam and I’m over here cringing at mobeele like…

  29. The hell is JAMbalaya.

  30. Love the daggers he keeps shooting her. Lol "I thought stewed tomatoes came exclusively from a can" 😑

    Also, Michael Twitty was on a episode of Townsends doing history of barbeque.

  31. Anyway to get this recipe in words?

  32. Man, I don't like tasty videos in general, but this edible history series is a really fun thing to watch.

  33. Michael Twitty is a fantastic human! He came to my college to guest lecture in my food studies class. I still make the recipes we learned that day!

  34. Being from new orleans and raised there my entire life, jambalaya is a staple. I doubt it comes from Alabama but I’m just happy to see it represented.

  35. That Jambalaya history lesson gave me life thank you for this….Black History is Amazing

  36. Jambalaya with corn bread 😍 Yes, I have a lot of dishes that I associate with Southern cooking with cornbread, such as red beans and rice and gumbo. Totally makes my kids want to eat it though 💖 I was ecstatic when our 5 year old ate her gumbo and cornbread. It felt like a win to me 🏆

  37. loooOoooove this episode ❤ I live in Puerto Rico where we have African culture present in everything ❤

  38. Lol at 7:01 I legit screamed !!!!

  39. when he said 140 year old jambalaya i thought it was left for 140 years face palm at myself

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