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I Tried A 140-Year-Old Cake Recipe • Tasty

The past few years have seen a Red Velvet explosion! Hannah Hart explores the history of when and where these colorful cakes come from.

Follow Hannah Hart here:

Follow Hannah Hart here:

We’re mindful of how the current coronavirus outbreak might be affecting your access to stores and general grocery items. Please know that many of these videos were filmed before the outbreak and additional new videos filmed by our producers, working safely from their homes, may look and feel different than what you’re accustomed to. We don’t expect you to make all of our recipes now, but we hope you’ll find it a joyful distraction that’s entertaining, inspiring, and worth saving for a future food challenge or meal shared with friends.

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46 thoughts on “I Tried A 140-Year-Old Cake Recipe • Tasty

  1. I find this show interesting. And she is funny, but seriously, she should open a book. They are synonyms to " Beautiful " and other expressions to '' and last but not least " . This video alone she must have said it 40 times

  2. I am loving this series. Hannah has the perfect personality for this.

  3. The red color is the blood of the bugs

  4. She got jokes!🥁😂

  5. Boy, what would remain of Miss Lincoln if she'd meet with Gordon Ramsay.

  6. I know there are a lot of redundant and instinctually obvious things, but what if there is a hidden gem or staple from years ago?!! What if we are missing some sort of essence!

  7. Chocolate, lemon, cake dyed with bugs and icing made with raw egg whites. Not sure how I'd keep that one down.

  8. I swear I seen this girl on a movie

  9. Professor: Ok class, please write a 7 page paper on any topic for today's final.

    Mrs. Lincoln: bOiLiNg WaTeR which is really CoOkeD wAtEr…

  10. This is from where covid 19 came from🙂

  11. I just stumbled upon this after watching a lot of Tasty's shows and I gotta say that I love Hannah and her puns 👍💕

  12. There’s a brief moment of silence right before Hannah says a pun. This moment is so brief that try as I might, I can never seem to pass through the five stages of grief fast enough to reach “acceptance” before she delivers the punch line.

  13. She didnt wait for the cake to cool down


  15. Maybe instead of calling "Bug Juice" perhaps it could have been called "Polyjuice Potion". That's what Snape would've called it. Lol

  16. But I want the 140 years old recipe in the comments! I am deaf by the way.

  17. Hannah Hart a little secret your cake is young. Cake a over 1000 years old 🤫

  18. Just don't call it "bug juice"

  19. “Nope! Thank god!” I cried😂😂😂

  20. chocolate and lemon?

  21. Imagine a World without Mrs. Lincoln… 😂

  22. Lol 😂 Hannah’s so funny 😆

  23. 🤔 Alton Brown told me that back in the day they used beets to make the cake red

  24. seems like neapolitan cake!

  25. anyone knows the piece on 4:38?


  27. love her sense of humor

  28. Wonderful. Grossed out my wife. Even better. How about more things derived from gross stuff, like bugs and plants?

  29. 10:25 smoothest skills I’ve ever seen

  30. Sooo basically mrs. Lincoln dropped the cake 🎂 on icing a cake hahaha

  31. the frosting looks a bit like royal icing 😮

  32. She said essable 😂😂 german englisch y'all 🤣 the correct word would be "essbar" though 😅🙈

  33. Can you do one on tiramisu pleaseee

  34. I'm loving this series! The BGM, her personality, the jokes and puns… Love it! 😘

  35. It's funny how Edible History's initials on the mantle say "Eh"

  36. Wait.. is that a green screen behind her?

  37. I love hannah's voice

  38. The frosting is more like icing it’s either back in the day that’s what frosting was orShe did it wrong

  39. I've heard that before they started using Conchineal, they used beets to color the red velvet cake. Why would a food historian wouldn't bring this? Was it because of the taboo of using a bug as food coloring?

  40. Am i the only one that thinks that Hannah should have a restaurant called "Edible History"?

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