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I Tried 4 Different Brownie Box Hacks • Tasty

Katie tries different brownie box hacks! Let’s see how it goes.

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40 thoughts on “I Tried 4 Different Brownie Box Hacks • Tasty

  1. Those cookies are so goooddd!
    I made them and they were so goodd!! With so less ingredients 😍🤤🤤 PERFECT COOKIES ♥️ and I changed the inner filling and added some chocolate as well n it was yummmm!

  2. Her house is so darn pretty

  3. My no bake cheesecake uses light cream cheese, plain Greek yogurt and light whipped topping. I add sugar, vanilla extract, espresso and chocolate. Or do a citrus juice and sugar version.

  4. Me before video:from now on I'll be on strict diet 😤

    Me after video:what is a diet??

    Plz don't read my name and don't check my channel

  5. THE CHEESECAKE IS AMAZING I am also very intrigued by mixing the brownie mix into cream cheese and fridging it.

  6. Cheesecake
    Cream cheese
    Sweet condensed milk
    Vanilla extract
    Lemon juice
    This will taste 10x better than that powered sugar stuff

  7. why am I watching even tho Brownie mixes arent available here and I DONT HAVE AN OVEN like I just love to waste time I guess

  8. Those cookies look


  9. cookie sandwhiches – oreos

  10. Yummm!!!! It's just made me soooooo hungry!!😋😘

  11. Question? salted caramel brownie cookies. my mix was kinda too thick for cheap electric blender. Can it be softened some? otherwise all was great. also too sticky for hand rolling. thanks for advise.

  12. Who knew you could do so much with a brownie box! Loved this video!

  13. All of them. They are all my favorite and I don't like chocolate 🍫

  14. Katie; chocolate goes with everything
    Me : yes even pizza

  15. Those cookies look soo good

  16. I miss the old videos when they ddnt talk as much

  17. The “ if you presented these to your mother on Mother’s Day she would be like omg im so glad you were born!” Kinda seemed offensive

  18. Wow so cool 👍 Time to go buy some brownie mix 🍪

  19. Sorry for all the people who are trying to be on a Strict Diet :p

  20. Her making the brownie cookies:

    The circles for perfectly placed cookies: Am I a joke to you?

  21. I got diabetes from watching this

  22. Tasty: Doesn't want to get sued so they make Katie say.. "Cookie sandwiches"

  23. Brownie mix and coke… I mean do you want to taste something good? I thought box mixes were simple enough lol.

  24. My fav is the first recipe. It looks yummy and very easy to make 👍

  25. I like the chocolate cream cheese cake 🍰

  26. Wait did she say share excuse me but I’ll eat it all to my self thank you very much

  27. CheEsecake, DEFFINATLY!

  28. I rather like the two ingredient hack; I know one for making Chocolate Cake that used one can of pumpkin and one box of cake mix that works very well. Perhaps you can do some Cake Mix hacks next……

  29. I liked all of them but mostly the cheesecake one

  30. Ima do brownies mix with soda!!!👀
    For myself of course lol

  31. Does anybody agree that Katie is the only tasty producer that is making good content while in quarantine. She has made two videos that I have gotten recipes from.

  32. Those pancakes and cookies look amazing

  33. Special hack: If you reeaally wanna raise the stakes, this one's for you! Though this time, I actually suggest you buy store bought as it is home made noodle level hard to make.

    Ok so first you go to your local marijuana vendor and-

  34. When she said that, "Your mother will be so glad that you were born", really touches my heart for no raeson

  35. 𝐹𝑜𝑜𝑑!!!!🖤💜🖤

  36. Does anyone say they are going to make one of these then they just never make it and when you try to make it it just turns out that you ate all of the batter before even making any

  37. TYFS – The two that I’d make are the cookies and the cheese cake 🤓🤗!

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