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I Tested The Most Popular Hot Dog Toaster • Tasty

Check out the Hot Dog Toaster here!

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50 thoughts on “I Tested The Most Popular Hot Dog Toaster • Tasty

  1. Alix is my spirit animal <3

  2. Alix I heart you.

  3. "Put me between two pieces of bread and you wouldn't call me a sandwich"
    No, but I would call you a Tasty snack 😛

  4. I had that brand but for snow cones 🍧 and it broke. Guys pls be safe and happy birthday to everyone during this

  5. you had one job toaster!

  6. Her fingernails color making a little bit uncomfortable

  7. Alix is so hot but her voice is so sweet it makes her so much sexier.

  8. You are supposed to put half o the hotdog bun on each side to prevent it from getting burned

  9. just put the hot dog buns in as they came in the package and you wouldn't have had to tear them apart

  10. Honey i wouldn't waste my money on that product like that it looks cheap Alix LoL to you stay healthy God bless you stay safe take care of your self okay 💖💖❤❤🐝🐝🌷🌷😍😙😘😗😛🤑🕇🕇💋💋👌👍

  11. I see what you did there with the thumbnail

  12. tbh shes like jojo siwa but an adult version🥴

    i love alix🥺

  13. she's using it wrongly

  14. Your annoying, be a little more serious, and those are not standard buns, those are deli hot dog buns which are larger. You should have used like wonder bread brand. If your going to review a product do it better.

  15. is she high in every video she is in

  16. Some serious click bait going on here 👀

  17. hot dogs are taco's

  18. Use the “tong” to hook both the hot dogs and pick it up without burning fingers

  19. As a college student, this appliance is a blessing.

  20. Alix:I have to push these buns
    Me:why don't you see that there is another of those switches on the other side

  21. cute as a button, high as a kite, lol

  22. she needs to quit smoking. It would improve her voice a lot.

  23. My aunt gifted this to us and damn… we tried to toast the buns a bit more than Alix did and they almost became lumps of coal. That gadget is not good at all

  24. When it popped i jumped to lol

  25. this is like, probably the worst series on tasty but everything about it is ok because alix hosts it

  26. Of course, hot dogs aren't sandwiches they're tacos

  27. I hate her! Or do I love her? I'm so confused.

  28. Where is this made from?

  29. Us Ohioans wish to put chili on that hot dog

  30. Okay so…
    I watched some old videos saying alix left but she’s still here so which one correct

  31. Why does this product exist? It literally takes 5minutes to make hotdog's

  32. The way Alix confidently and assertively holds those wieners, I am utterly convinced she has held a wiener in her hand before. She must have a lot of experience holding wieners and it shows! GOOD FOR YOU ALIX YOU ARE A PRO AT HOLDING WIENERS! Now come to think of it, she is really good at holding those wieners with her buns. Is there anything this girl Alix cannot do?

  33. Did she get notice there is a lever for the buns??

  34. The buns was badly abused 😂

  35. I think your hair was burning 🔥 🤔

  36. Alexisss you know what to do with it girl 😎

  37. Alix is saposed to cut the bun in half not the hole thing thats why it burend

  38. Why would someone need a hot dog toaster??

  39. The buns didn’t toast bc she didn’t even use the other button(or whatever it’s called ) on the other side ! She only pushed down on the button on one side 🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️

  40. And yet this junk still has 4.2/5 stars on Amazon… ok

  41. i thought alix went vegan??????????????

  42. Stoned-dog 😆😆😆

  43. she yells to much 🙁

  44. I have a Coca Cola brand one…

  45. 2:25
    Gordon Ramsay wouldn't agree .
    Idiot sandwich.

  46. When Alix said "let's break this down" I was hoping she'd have a hammer that she would quickly grab and smash this stupid toaster

  47. companies like this revel in making you pay money to take up space on your counters and in your cabinets for things that do half the job, and incorrectly. does this appliance help the disabled or those with mobility issues?

  48. Alix, there is another side where you can use to push down the buns. and the tongue where like that because you can use them to remove the hotdog cage instead of removing the hotdogs individually.

  49. the whole time i was waiting for her to realize that there was another lever for the buns to go down and it just didn’t happen

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