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I Tested Amazon's Best-Selling Air Fryer • Tasty

Alix is testing Amazon’s best selling air fryer, the Ninja AF Max XL. How well will it actually work? We’re testing it out for you!

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42 thoughts on “I Tested Amazon's Best-Selling Air Fryer • Tasty

  1. I think an air fryer is just a mini oven

  2. I have the biggest crush on Alex!!!

  3. when you’re staying up late watching food videos and wish you could eat the food but you can’t because we don’t have that technology yet

  4. Congratulations to Rie+baby and all the Tasty family! 🌬♥️🐇🙏🏿

  5. I love her bubbly personality!

  6. Can I find a review that's about the product and not a bad actors performance or an advertisement

  7. What do raw cut up potatoes cook like?

  8. why do you shout so?

  9. That’s exactly how I am and laugh when I’ve smoked a blunt

  10. The fries probably "look glossy from oil" because a lot of frozen fries have oil on them. Check the ingredients.

  11. You look like you smoke a lot of weed

  12. Wait, she looked kinda like ronda rouses in the thumbnail
    No hate intended
    Love alix

  13. Female version of Matty Matheson

  14. Wow… finally an honest review my wife agrees with you 100%… the only thing that turns out good is french fries… meat on these things are disgusting… just use less oil and save your money

  15. She's totally down for 4:20

  16. Honestly would stick with oven baking fried food over air fryer. The results and time look practically the same plus you don't need to spend loads for an air fryer.

  17. Most annoying woman

  18. What drugs is she on? I want some.

  19. This woman is probably in the top ten of most annoying people ever presented in a public forum.

  20. I wanna be on the tasty crew to try all the food

  21. Omg. Stop!! Very annoying.

  22. Oh my god! Please stop the drama

  23. You need to add oil spray for better result

  24. She's stoned AF

  25. Crackhead energy level 100
    I’m not roasting her, i love her

  26. Bade harami ho beta.

  27. I get it it’s just for the video… but salt and pepper 😂

  28. She is very annoying

  29. why does she give me debby ryan vibes smfhjkshfkjaf

  30. I'm curious if she is a stoner

  31. Watch on mute……then thank me.

  32. You can spray oil in the air fryer if you didn’t know, I do it all the time when doing my mozzarella sticks.

  33. She is way too annoying to watch the whole video

  34. I’m officially in love with Alix lol

  35. omg rie is pregnant?!?!

  36. Definitely user error played a part in results

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