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I Tested 10 Popular Banana Bread Hacks • Tasty

That banana bread is so hot right now!
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44 thoughts on “I Tested 10 Popular Banana Bread Hacks • Tasty

  1. Inga: uses a hack to make makeshift cupcake molds
    Also Inga: 7:20 doesn’t use the hack

  2. Can anyone give me the measurements for the recipe that Inga used??? Plsss????

  3. Hi Inga, one more hack I learned from America's Test Kitchen.
    That water you threw out from baking the bananas has alot of banana flavor. You can simmer it and reduce it down to half and add it in for more banana flavor.

  4. holy hell inga looks more gorgeous than usual in this vid😍😍

  5. I’m sort of disgusted by bananas, and seeing those oven “ripen” bananas do not help

  6. Anyone has the recipe?

  7. I love making it in loads and then using them for French toast. You need to make the slices a little thicker so they don't fall apart as you're handling them. I generally do a tablespoon or two of Pancake mix in the egg depending on how much in making along with a sprinkle of cinnamon and nutmeg so you get that fragrant aroma as you make them.

  8. Inga and Alvin are room mates.
    For real.

  9. So I tried this recipe and from my little knowledge I tried to measure things and it worked! It tasted SO good! So here are the ingredients:

    Bananas – 4 nos
    Medium sized Eggs – 2nos
    Brown sugar – 230g (1 cup)
    Buttermilk- 56g (1/4 cup)
    Oil – 56g (1/4 cup)
    Splash of vanilla ~ 1 teaspoon
    Small squeeze of citrus ~ 1 teaspoon
    Flour – 300g (1 + 1/4 cup)
    Baking soda – 4g (1 teaspoon)
    Baking powder – 4g (1 teaspoon)
    Salt – 1/4 teaspoon/ a generous pinch
    I did not add cinnamon since I'm allergic to it but you can add about 1/4 teaspoon.
    I also noticed the baking time and temperatures weren't given so I tried 190°c for 25-28 minutes and it turned out perfect!

    I hope this helps everyone asking for the recipe!!

  10. I love your voice tho<3

  11. Where i can get this recipe?

  12. Just blow a kiss into the batter so your patrons will know you made it with lots of love. Everything tastes better when you share it and even better when it's made with love.

  13. I didn't realize toasting banana bread was a hack. That's the only way I've ever eaten it!


  15. I can’t watch this smushed bananas scare me!!!


  17. Try toasting a slice of angel food cake in the toaster and butter, so Yummy 🙂

  18. If I close my eyes and listen to Inga she sounds like a very sweet and innocent 8 year old boy! 🙂

  19. that looks tasty! :-)no icing on top?

  20. I really love banana bread and hopefully I can make one with some of the hacks you shared us.

  21. Inga – show how to make a perfect banana bread using ten hacks.

    Me – show how to make a weird banana bread using no hacks….and you'll have in Biswanath's restaurant.

  22. I love banana bread…..but I can't make….but Inga made it very easy….I guess because I never made it.😜😜😜😜

  23. What is the recipe that you used?

  24. Hey ! Can you please tell me the difference btw banana bread and banana cake ?


  26. Toasted banana bread + butter is normal? Every cafe does it is Sydney?

  27. What' the full recipe!

  28. Where’s the recipe??

  29. This is how many times Inga said banana or bananas

  30. I solely buy bananas to leave out and ripen for banana bread.

  31. that parchment thing is actually pretty smart, that is why if you buy baked muffins form a bakery, it sometimes come like that. when in business you start trying to see where you can start cutting expenses, not having to buy an extra set of parchment paper just for muffins starts to save you some money in the long run,

  32. What are the measurements?

  33. Now this really makes me wonder when Rie and Inga will do Recipe Exchange Students.

    Inga: 所以现在你把黑豆酱放在面条上.
    Rie: I don't understand what you're saying!
    Inga: I thought you could understand Chinese characters.
    Rie: That's only writing!

  34. Bro those bananas were ripe as f

  35. Loved the tip on how to test baking soda and powder.
    No more disappointing results and no throwing it away if it still good.

  36. Hey guys, give us the measurements on youtube, please.

  37. I made banana pancakes a few days ago, they were delicious.

  38. Most of these aren't hacks, just common sense.

  39. Exxxpecially?

  40. Her voice calms me down

  41. To Whoever is reading this comment: bye bye

  42. Where's the recipe for this?

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