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I Made Only One-Pan Recipes For A Day • Tasty

From breakfast to dessert, follow along as Alvin as cooks recipes in only one-pan.

For more of Alvin’s food adventures:

My Healthy Dish’s One-Pot Pasta:

Cookat’s Cheese Dakgalbi:

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We’re mindful of how the current coronavirus outbreak might be affecting your access to stores and general grocery items. Please know that many of these videos were filmed before the outbreak and additional new videos filmed by our producers, working safely from their homes, may look and feel different than what you’re accustomed to. We don’t expect you to make all of our recipes now, but we hope you’ll find it a joyful distraction that’s entertaining, inspiring, and worth saving for a future food challenge or meal shared with friends.

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40 thoughts on “I Made Only One-Pan Recipes For A Day • Tasty

  1. i love how he takes a little then gives the rest to his roommate

  2. Hey if he ever needs another roommate, I volunteer 😂

  3. Alvin basically becoming one of those French film artists 👍🏾

  4. The veins on his hand and the elegance while cooking " drools oh my heavenly god help me "

    I have a major crush on this guy so put up with the inappropriate behavior 😂

  5. pls make more recipes similar to these cause they are worth watching…….. fills ur tummy right away…;)

  6. this is like watching a movie…about food, so cinematic

  7. Him: 0:53
    "I love the sound of sizzling bacon"
    Me: Thats deep

  8. This style of videography reminds me of "one meal a day" a lot

  9. Little did you know, his roommate is himself :O

  10. How much SALT DID YOU EAT?? 😱

  11. "I'm giving the rest of this to my roommate."

    You mean Inga? I'm pretty sure we've found you guys out by now.

  12. I need to stop watching cooking videos at 3am 😓

  13. Alvin can you do only dough recipes for a day. you can do chappaties, dosa. wraps,ect.

  14. The roommate is very lucky🍝

  15. plot twist : he lives alone

  16. his breakfast looks so wrong to me, where's the rice, WHERE'S THE RICE?!?!?!

  17. Alvin's roommate is really lucky.

  18. My mouth is watering by seeing your food

  19. I wish I would have been his roommate 😅

  20. Alvin reminds of Alvin the chipmunk

  21. must be nice to be alvin's roomate

  22. His roommate is so lucky he gets to have this amazing food

  23. I simp hard for Alvin

  24. Alvin : makes gourmet stuff in one pot
    Me : makes kraft mac & cheese in one pot
    im doing the same stuff as him

  25. This video is perfect for anxiety relief.

  26. Alvin: I feel like an Asian Moses.
    Me: literally dying 😂😂😂

  27. is it just me or in every video with alvin at home he's wearing almost the same thing-
    (if you think so too like this comment <3)

  28. Can you make giant bacon

  29. looks delightful 🤤😍

  30. i wish i was the roommate to have delicious food every time alvin's cooking home

  31. Finally he has chopsticks in the noodles part

  32. his roomate so lucky

  33. why is he so under-confident ? this is amazing stuff

  34. Nice one…ur slurping is annoying though

  35. This video reminds me of those korean food videos I see on Instagram

  36. I've seen this kitchen in videos by inga… Are Alvin and Inga roomates?

  37. this is either extremely weirdly satisfying or … idfk

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