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I Made Grilled Cheese Sandwiches Using 11 Hacks In A Row • Tasty

“It looks…really greasy?”

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25 thoughts on “I Made Grilled Cheese Sandwiches Using 11 Hacks In A Row • Tasty

  1. alvin at 4:08 : oh ho ho
    me (and probably othere onces) at 4:08 : OHYO OHYO OHYO

  2. Sandwiches looks yumm thankyou for sharing

  3. anyone else get annoyed by the booger in his nose XD

  4. am I the only one that ships Alvin and Inga, they're like perfect for each other

  5. The one with the brownbutter+honey looks amazing. I wanna do this soon!

  6. Where is mozzarella cheese

  7. My grill cheese hack: spoon heated butter on the bread you put cheese on the butter will heat up faster and it'll be cheesay.

  8. Are Alvin and Inga roomates? I've seen this kitchen multiple times in both of their videos.

  9. ALVIN YOU SHOULDNTT COOK MAYO IT COULD BE POISONOUS!!! You could put it inside and it may not harm but yeah

  10. Everyone who does makeup felt attacked by Alvin's brows

  11. The cheese on the outside would be better with parmesan it wouldn't be as greasy. Red Robin does this and it is amazing!!!

  12. I'm in love….



    The grilled cheese

  13. you can use garlic powder instead of rubbing a piece to the bread, I tried it and it's really good

  14. A Jenny Craig ad played before this video…
    Seems like YouTube is making some subtle hints 😆

  15. I only like watching Alvin tasty vids idk why

  16. Cheeses, that must've been good!

  17. Anyone else binged the Big Food videos and questioned why Inga seems to lowkey despise Alvin

  18. All this grilled cheese

    With no tomato sOUp 😾

  19. I prefer cooking in oil (olive or avocado oil) for the perfect crisp outside

  20. For the inside out, what if you tried parmesan on the outside instead of the same cheese mixture you used inside?

  21. I haven't met anyone who doesn't like grilled cheese sammich. If you know one, point me to him/her for punching.

  22. I’ve tried the mayo hack and it’s SO good!

  23. Awesome and thanks for showing me how to do this

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