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I Made Fried Chicken And Waffles With Leftover Sourdough Starter • Tasty

Sourdough starter is good for more than just bread! Today, Matt shows you how to use it for fried chicken and sourdough waffles.

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46 thoughts on “I Made Fried Chicken And Waffles With Leftover Sourdough Starter • Tasty

  1. Liz is an icon let’s be real

  2. Hi Matt. Wow u cute 😘

  3. Anyone know what sourdough starter is? I've never heard of it before

  4. anything sourdough has my attention. then you go and rock out waffles! heck yes!

  5. i miss the junior producer matt🌚

  6. Why don't these chefs have a frier

  7. Aww he's shaking don't worry ur doing great honey

  8. This guy’s nose pin is taking everything to a next level

  9. سبحان الله وبحمده سبحان الله العظيم 🌸

  10. Why is flour called all purpose? Its just flour

  11. incorporated is business talk. snowflake

  12. A dude with a soothing voice making chicken and waffles…mmmmm

  13. I know we're supposed to talk about the food and stuff, but not to be disrespectful just in case they look at this comment, but I am I the only one that thing that those two look cute together😅😅😅

  14. Why is this episode so boring but I do like waffles.

  15. How is anyone going to make this without the ingredients?

  16. Are we suppose to guess the amount of the ingredients ????

  17. Fried chicken and waffles? Bleegh🤢🤮 what a weird combination 🤷

  18. Your roommate looks good on camera!

  19. I hope he has more videos. He is not only talented, but he's super handsome. 🙈🙈❤ Why did you not show yourself too much before?

  20. My vegan heart: 🌱 poor little birdie. 😔

  21. Clicked on this because he looks like Kit Harington/Jon Snow a bit

  22. Guys you should do 24 hours of food in a waffle maker

  23. Do 2 minutes vs 2 hours vs 2 days mozzarella sticks

  24. I enjoy Matt. He’s nice and calm and explains things well!

  25. Mans used salt and pepper and that’s it 😭

  26. He sont know how to season chicken he only put salt and pepper like add sum paprika cayenne hot sause and sum Tony's thats how you season chicken now

  27. Every Geico commercial 5:39

  28. Him Add salt and pepper

    Also him we’re just gonna let that marinate



  30. Him:Baking powder, onion powder,garlic powder and…
    Me:Let me guess, baby powder

  31. Chicken and waffle is one of my favorite food ! I didn’t know that recipe is that easy 🤭 Why don’t u make a cake using a waffle next time? 🧇

  32. Good way to raise your cholesterol levels haha!

  33. So measurements maybe? That would be helpful.

  34. Will be lucky having someone at home to make me this delicious looking dish, for my iftar.

  35. To keep it short and sweet,

    I just like the overall vibe I get when he makes videos.

  36. Either I’m going crazy or he kinda looks like Kurt cobain in the thumbnail. +_o

  37. “A little bit of salt and pepper”… okay..

  38. the syrup in reverse on the very right at 5:14

  39. Is there any recipe in which you don't add egg?

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