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How To Make Candy Bar Cookies • Tasty

Devonna, of Butter Bakery, shows us how to make her Heath Bar cookies!


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Butter Bakery
Butter Bakery


31 thoughts on “How To Make Candy Bar Cookies • Tasty

  1. We're glad you love the video. Find the recipe here! 👉

  2. I love that name Jacobi

  3. ياريت لو ترجمة للعربي عشان الكل يستفيد وشكرن واليوافقني لايك
    عشان تشوفه😘

  4. Those look so good! I’ve always used the chips- I’ll try it with the bars- good video –

  5. good food! I also have a channel like that, please take a look!

  6. This recipe is so american

  7. This is 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  8. Outstanding! I can't wait to make these!

  9. Anyone doing chloe ting or pamela reif workouts but following tasty's diet? 😂

  10. I love that like the whole only ingredient they measured was the heat bars, and to me, that's the one thing you don't need to measure.🤣

  11. I think Jacobi is so adorable and polite. Good job young man!

  12. Can anyone tell my what candy I can replace heath with in the UK. I was thinking of werthers original toffee 🤔

  13. Nice i love it you are best cooking

  14. Are you sure these aren't that sweet

  15. 3:51 i feel bad for her hand

  16. Hey hey!! I have a baking channel if anyone is interested:) I’d love to support any other small channels <3

  17. I wouldnt be able to wait for an hour to chill! I'll eat the dough right off the spoon haha 😅

  18. I get why they didn't include the Candy's name in the title, but Rie won't sue you for putting her name in the 'make it fancy' titles 😌

  19. It looks delisous and my dream is to open a bakery so i will definitely try this thanks for the great recipe

  20. This looks SO DELICIOUS🔥🔥🔥

  21. jacobi is so precious 🥺

  22. I like how the candy bars nearly resemble HEALTH

  23. Yup this is going in my recipe book!!! Thanks Butter Bakery! 🍪

  24. Chocolate +me = Forever ❤️❤️

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