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How To Make Bubble Tea • Tasty

Jasmine shows us how to make bubble tea!

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Butterfly-pea flower tea
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47 thoughts on “How To Make Bubble Tea • Tasty

  1. I saw somewhere just from tapioca you know pearla not tapioca flour.. but maybe they was just done to this drink 🤔

  2. I have muscovado sugar but I don’t have tapioca flour and I’m Asian 😭😭😭😭

  3. Fact; homemade boba taste way different than you buy it at store.
    Another fact: milk tea is not adding fresh milk to the tea but adding creamer powder.

  4. Good vid😋 friends I invite all of you to my cooking channel as well🔔

  5. Me: Hears BOBA
    Also me: BOOBS

  6. i just have water…

  7. What exactly is a "bubble tea" ??

  8. I think you're pronouncing mocha wrong. But you're very pretty so I guess it's okay 😊

  9. Jasmine is pleasant person

  10. Would it be a problem if I use normal sugar?

  11. Please make a video of mochi ice cream

  12. taro is my FAVE

  13. This made my head hurts

  14. Who has never tried boba

    Me… 😭

  15. IDK why I hate mangoes with milk- I start gagging when I try mango smoothie-

  16. This looks good! I made a jungle theme birthday video with lots of party food ideas on my channel, you would love it🎉👩🏻‍🍳

  17. Wheres the recipe?

  18. I’m too lazy I’m just gonna buy it from the store 🚶‍♀️

  19. everytime she said "I'm clearly failing here" 😂

  20. Can you make some greek recipes? Please we have many recipes that taste so good.

  21. What can I use instead of tapioca flour?

  22. Is there any alternatives if you don’t have tapioca flour?

    (EDIT: Are there*)

  23. Thanks sooo much I have been trying to find one good recepies and I love allll of them

  24. I have never had bobba before…we don't have bobba shops here

  25. We don't have tapioca here 🙁

  26. Wow. Tasty 😍😍😍🤞🤞

  27. What a time to be alive honestly 😍

  28. I love taro but never had taro bubble tea ;-; boba shops should make taro bubble tea

  29. Can you ask Alvin if he comment the recipe to make big cheese cake

  30. I wonder, can you substitute the homemade tapioca-pearls with the dried ones from the Asian supermarket?

  31. Condensed milk will make you fat, beware!!!!

  32. I have that exact “ice cold drink” glass

  33. Who loves boba

  34. How long can you store the dry boba pearls?

  35. Uh… I'm low on Tapioca Flour/Starch in my house can i substitute some cornstarch, rice starch or any sort of flour?

  36. Twoset Violin family, this is some quality content for us 😂

  37. Boba Dough! I love the way that sounds😁✨

  38. How r there already so many comments it’s only Been 5hours since it was released

  39. Jasmine looks like she lost some weight. Gorgeous girl! ❤️

  40. Am i the only one who never heard of this boba before..

  41. yes, you know Bubble Tea Forever 😉😉😉

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