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How To Make 3 Easy Dinners Kids Will Love • Tasty

We’re cooking with Kanchan! Watch as she shows us three easy dinners your kids will love (plus many tips and tricks along the way)!

All the recipes are featured in Kanchan’s cookbook Spice Spice Baby

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We’re mindful of how the current coronavirus outbreak might be affecting your access to stores and general grocery items. Please know that many of these videos were filmed before the outbreak and additional new videos filmed by our producers, working safely from their homes, may look and feel different than what you’re accustomed to. We don’t expect you to make all of our recipes now, but we hope you’ll find it a joyful distraction that’s entertaining, inspiring, and worth saving for a future food challenge or meal shared with friends.

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Kanchan Koya

A Lapointe


40 thoughts on “How To Make 3 Easy Dinners Kids Will Love • Tasty

  1. No one gonna talk about her lookin like Mario

  2. And these are indian recipes…good

  3. I am also indian…I like to cook ur recipes

  4. Are u indian…?bcs kanchan is an indian name

  5. Bro she indian I thought they were vegetarians

  6. Dude… Get her off camera.. She's being way too pretentious and weird being all hyper. The recipes are super but just my eyes dont want to see her cooking and hearing her high low tone.

  7. But why is she dressed like Mario?

  8. I love these ideas; rainbow-wise – the chickpeas are kinda yellow – aren't they?

  9. Her:add ground beef cause without it it's not a burger
    Vegan burgers:THE DISRESPECT

  10. Not gonna lie her outfit be looking like Mario's outfit

  11. “I got McDonaaald’s, and you ain’t gooot none, cause you on weeelllfare!”

  12. i loved the video but i just cant get over the accent…..i am Indian and that accent has become such a joke here in India (the rolling Rs sounding and streching your last words) that i find it mildly annoying…..this accent is exactly what happens when you send your kids to America and they return with a weird fake accent….but apart from that great cooking and awesome video

  13. 2.56 😋😋😋😂

  14. I'm 43 years old with no kids but I made those chicken kebabs, put them on some naan with homemade hummus, lettuce, red onion, tomato, and a quick cilantro-lime sauce and it's all I have eaten for 3 days. Lucky kids at her house.

  15. This Is just a video on how to cook Indian food for your White-wash kids 😂

  16. I'm just watching this video because I am an Indian and I wanted to see an Indian cooking in tasty

  17. Where’s the cheese

  18. I haven't watched in a long time and they've improved alot.

  19. She an Indian

  20. Damn she looks like Super Mario man

  21. If your kids are being picky don’t make them something else, they need to learn to eat things they don’t like. Kids should be happy but if you comfort them too much they will be spoiled.

  22. Always talking about flavour, do much better than the brits

  23. She is such a mom boss!! Her techniques and hacks are everything!

  24. These are all Indian recipes…I'm an Indian

  25. These all most are pakistan and india recipeas

  26. She:Added beef to the burger
    Me an indian who is a hindu & live in malaysia : Wait what?😐

    Ps:im not Condemning her or anything..It is her choice. But still for me it feels weird

  27. Thats not the channa my son like tomato sauce in channa noooooooooooooo im Indian and its curry channa with aloo

  28. For the burger, putting "some" garam masala isn't very clear For a recipe for four, half a teaspoon should be enough
    If you put too little, it'll be tasteless, if you put too much, it'll be pungent
    Just a fair warning to people who don't use it regularly

  29. I’m cooking this for my brother (I’m just 11 I can’t have kids)

  30. 0:47: It's a good way for me to "sneak" in some veggies, lots of flavor, no fats.

    Her kids after seeing this video: So, uhh…… I watch this video right here and you said that you've been sneaking veggies in the burgers.

    The Mom: ._.

  31. When my kids are picky I feed them Gram Masala burgers! That is not white kid picky lol. My granny let the younger grandkids eat nothing but nuggets and fries lol. I would have got the I guess you'll starve if you dont eat

  32. But like- Can she please appear in more videos? I rarely see her so i was thinking she could join more 😁

  33. Well honestly I ain't gonna bare a child but I have a younger sibling and he's extremely picky. I will try this.

  34. I’m a kid and maybe I can make this myself 🙂

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