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How To Make 3 Different Recipes With Kimchi • Tasty

TikTok’s Cafemaddy shows us three creative ways of cooking with kimchi!
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48 thoughts on “How To Make 3 Different Recipes With Kimchi • Tasty

  1. she looks like a really young grandma

  2. You should hire her!


  4. it’s 3 am why am i doing this to myself

  5. the grilled cheese sandwich is like a food version of me. its like the two sides of my identity coming together. I grew up eating both kimchi and grilled cheese but never thought of combining the two. we are both korean and american at the same time lmao

  6. More Maddy in these trying times please. She’s just the calmest for a very uncalm moment

  7. Kimchi is Korea’s drug

  8. Tbh, we really only ate kimchi by itself growing up in my family. Love that I found a video on how to enhance other recipes with it!! Thank you, Maddy!! We eat A LOT of spam, eggs, and rice with furikake (we’re Polynesian). So to include kimchi is a game changerrrr👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽

  9. So asian to snack on rice 😂

  10. For some reason, egg sandwich topped with kimchi do well together!

  11. 😍😍😍I’m a big fan of Kimchi but never tried any of these recipes! For sure from now on I have more ideas!!! Thank you for sharing!! 🙏

  12. HENNY. THERE'S NO SUCH THING AS EATING TOO MUCH KIMCHI. And thanks for that kimchi pasta recipe I've been trying to find a proper recipe everywhere and yours looks so doable and yummy!

  13. 드디어!!! 김치도 나왔다ㅠㅜ 한국음식 더 많이 나왔으면…

  14. I don’t even have kimchi .

  15. That pasta looks literally like the best thing ever

  16. There really is no such thing as so much cheese.

  17. I love cafemaddy, Tasty, please give her the job and do a video with the girls! Please

  18. Yayyy!! She made ittttt!!

  19. i like putting kimchi in chawanmushi !!

  20. More of Maddy please!!! 💕✨

  21. whos watching in 2021 during 2020 recap class?

  22. I love this video, the recipes are all suuper cool to try at home ☺

  23. Why she left some kimchi in the bowl ? 1:16 😒🤔

  24. i know her from tiktok!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. the crunch at 2:18 is so heavenly 😭✨

  26. She’s hot I need to marry her!

  27. I just want to say thank you! I love kimchi and I tried the kimchi egg scramble with bacon instead of spam and it's so good!!!! 😭💕

  28. She reminds me so much of Lisa rhee!!

  29. Your voice is so relaxing

  30. Love Kimchi and Wanna try the last recipe..looks delish. 😊

  31. So happy for Maddy!! She’s the best! Love her tiktoks

  32. just saw her tiktok explaining that she made a tasty video and here i am !! i love her tiktok content so much and she deserves to be more recognized !!!

  33. Kimchi is the bomb diggity fo shizzle booya

  34. 언니 이뻐여ㅠㅠㅠ


  36. "Cream Kimchi Bacon Spaghetti" , sounds like names of a friend's group in middle school.

  37. Oh~ Love this! 🙂

  38. There is a no such a thing like enough cheese
    1 year later: how do I have heart blockage?

  39. Where & what brand is the best kimchi ?

  40. Here from Tiktok so happy for you. Love you on Tiktok love you here. Good job Tasty.

  41. You know about kimchi well!

  42. yes there is ,i m lactose intolerant but wth i m totally gonna have that much cheese in

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