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How To Fry Food Perfectly

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46 thoughts on “How To Fry Food Perfectly

  1. i wish to make french fries at home but i can't too afarid that my sink will be broken with all the extra oil

  2. If you keep eating these type of fried will definately get colon cancer!!

  3. Wow wow 😋😋😋😋

  4. Over cooked until hard as rock on the ends 2:10, this means she has never fried real potatoes before. Burned the chicken 6:58, again she has never fried chicken before, she has no clue…..

  5. could yall do baking foods???

  6. putting honey on your fried chicken is gross and it will make your body go into fat storage mode.

  7. I’m wondering if homemade fried food is that good that it’s worth all that effort. Restaraunts have massive deep fryers that exert a ton more control over the temperature of the oil than you’re going to get with a pot of oil or a tabletop deep fryer. I’ve also heard that pre-frozen, pre-cut potatoes actually taste better than freshly cut potatoes, despite how counterintuitive that sounds. McDonalds has that option but home-cooks don’t. Maybe this would be fun to do as a party game, but I kind of doubt it would be worth doing just for dinner.

  8. Am I crazy or does she sound JUST like Kristen Stewart… the twilight girl Bella Swan for all you uncultured humans out there

  9. Her voice is making me want to sleep 😂

  10. Any tips for keeping a consistent oil temperature on electric stove top? After it reaches the temp, I usually have to crank it up high right before i drop the food in because the temp immediately drops, then slowly turn the heat back down after a few minutes as the oil starts getting hotter as it fries. Guess I took the fry stations for granted at all the fast food places i worked in high school 😂

  11. Am I the only one focusing on her diamond ring and wonder why she had it on while cooking hahaha

  12. OMG have you guys ever tried fried brocoli? It's my favorite snack💓💓

  13. What do you think of using whole wheat flour instead of all-purpose flour?

  14. noone had that fried zucchini 😅😂😂😂

  15. did she dip the deep fried shrimp in strawberry jam at 3:23

  16. Who loves fried foods? Make this blue 👌

  17. Does this work in a air fryer?

  18. This girl: makes tasty stuff right infront of me
    Me: triggered how dare you?!!!

  19. How to get high ass cholesteral LETS GET STARTED

  20. 3:54 adding oil into batter stops it from sticking to the zucchini

  21. Ur not a real cook till u hav deep-fried a Mars bar

  22. I feel like I just gained 10lbs just by looking at this video 😭

  23. When some of the paprika didn't get to the buttermilk. It hurts me a bit

  24. are you telling me im not the only one who eats chicken with honey..? ; _ ;

  25. There are very few things I don't eat, marrow is one of them so I will def try it – not soon but eventually!

  26. I think maybe…

    (No offence)
    Fries could be better🙃
    Shrimps were awesome😍
    I don't know what it is 🤐but may be a bit more fried would go good
    Chicken was good but could be done a lot better🧐

  27. i very much prefer watching these with just captions and no voice over

  28. Fried shrimp or tempura

  29. you can deep fry apples as well you just slice the apples up make a buttermik batter thing dip the apple slices in fry them then to finish top them of with sugar a side of ice cream and some syrup tada best desert

  30. Fries or not French fries or Belgium!!!!!!😡

  31. Honest title – How to darken and burn food easily.

  32. Nah, i’ll just drink the oil.

  33. Everyone here is talking about the voice, literally she speaks anything n still the channel will grow😁

  34. The chicken is burnt lol, yall burnt da chicken nddd didn’t batter it?!!!!!!!!!!???!!????? 👋🏾 1 star ⭐️ for this tasty video, NOT TASTY 😋

  35. Not enough people use the term "dog shit" anymore

  36. Your voice more fried than those potatoes

  37. She really helps me with the details of my food 🤤


  39. Wait who does this voice overs… She's really good! Very engaging

  40. Her voice makes up for that burnt chicken.

  41. Step 1. Get an air fryer.

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