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How To Cook If You're Single • Tasty

Alix shares tips, tricks, and recipes for cooking if you’re single!

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50 thoughts on “How To Cook If You're Single • Tasty

  1. I love her , she`s so cute and funny and 🙂

  2. I want to see a face off between Alix and Gordon Ramsay…..

  3. Great video. Alix, you'll find the right guy.

  4. More loneliness jokes than cooking tips xdd

  5. The is one big ass chicken breast. Certainly not organic! I really encourage you and others to eat CLEAN food. For your health your life , just saying.

  6. Am I the only one concerned about spraying an aerosol can a couple of inches away from an open flame? 😳

  7. I know damn straight why she’s single.

  8. What does she mean single though? Not dating someone or just not married? All this is confusing to me.

  9. Once I got an egg with 2 yolks in it. I think they were twins. !

  10. I’m sorry Alix is single …. whaaa HOW she’s such a queen

  11. How is she single? Shes Peng

  12. Cool, the worst part of cooking for one is only one has to clean. An easy to clean cook also would be nice 😌

  13. My girl broke up with me yesterday…so now i'm here

  14. Alix Traeger… Will You Marry Me??? LoL ;o)

  15. I need this for my future life… I’m sad.

  16. The fact that someone as beautiful talented and lovely as Alix is single makes me feel better about being single too 😂

  17. Relationships are for normies amirite

  18. Why are you single?
    More like how are you single!

  19. That's the most dry pasta I've ever seen. In Italy in every restaurant from the cheap one to the fancy one you will never see plain pasta with souce over top, YOU MUST MIX THE SOUCE AND THE PASTA BEFORE PLATING IT, you don't want dry, sticky pasta

  20. "Eggs each come in one egg"

  21. How many times did she say the word single 😂, any body counted , after this video , I think not any more

  22. I'd honestly date her

  23. Maybe I have been out of touch for a long time but what happened to that kundalini awakening ?..

  24. I absolutely love everything about her!!! she's 'pan'tastic 😍🤗

  25. Love u Alix ur the sweetest person, here for u………♥️ from Chennai India

  26. Alix: The best thing about being single! You don't have to share.

    Joey: Joey doesn't share food!

    Me: Makes sense……..

  27. "Why am I single, Why am I single, Why am I single" that's me 🙂

  28. dude the first recipe the omelet is just like the parmlette recipe from Food Wishes, my boi Chef John! 😊

  29. Youtube recomendations are gettin to specific with this one

  30. No but fr how is alix single

  31. Lowkey if i was a guy i would totally date her she's so amazing and funny

  32. A cooking show that uses Pam??? I'm out…

  33. Instructions unclear my shark is in the microwave and my cat is yelling at me to take my rhino to soccer practice

  34. u can be single and be talking too ppl

  35. for the breakfast why don’t you put the egg first n make it crispy and the cheese inside

  36. what does 'presentation counts' mean?

  37. Alix: “I’ve been single my whole life.”
    "Utterly delightful for 10 straight minutes."

    Me: "I don't believe you."

  38. I think you're lovely Alix. However, WARNING: Do not use non-stick spray over an open flame!

  39. Oh god she is sigel im single to i feel you haha!

  40. If I was a boy I would wanna be your boyfriend no offense please no hate

  41. (During the dinner)

  42. Cc
    La gramma de cenon

  43. 0:0 I think James Charles ask him self that everyday

  44. She's a wonderful and gorgeous woman. How's she still single?!!

  45. Just one egg ?? No breads nothings ?? And she is full ??

  46. So wait! The mingled people cook differently? 🤨

  47. Alix: “as for me, i’m gonna swipe right on out of here”.
    Tasty outro: “ ohh yes “

  48. She looks like addison rae when she was blond

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