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How To Cook Desserts If You're Single • Tasty

Alix makes desserts for one!

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30 thoughts on “How To Cook Desserts If You're Single • Tasty

  1. you are my favorite..

  2. Is single and likes bananas. Can't argue with that…

  3. I'm a single woman too and I just can't understand how you're still single! You're an awesome person, you make anyone feel great! girl power!

  4. Ditch the bananas, and get with a zero.

  5. alix is everyone's favorite chef

  6. Alix: I’m still single

  7. Hate to say it but she’s got the chav look

  8. I don't see How You're Single!

  9. That beginning was so cringey lmao

  10. You forgot about the part to just cry while doing so.

  11. Girl, your banana is not ripe enough! They are a lot sweeter if they are spotted.

  12. You are single because i am the lucky guy 😂

  13. Can buzzfeed send Alix a mic pack please? She’s like screaming

  14. Alix 's puns are single to stupor😂😂😂😂

  15. No joke I could spell the food through the screen
    .quaranteen has gotten to me..even if it had died down a bit-

  16. The LOVE I have for Alix🥺😩❤️❤️

  17. Recently single 😂🙋🏻 This vid definitely for me

  18. why can't i see tasty video in fb anymore?

  19. A saw a desert from until we meet again a thai series the desert is called luem kleun. Can you make that

  20. dont worry girl you are not alone🙌

  21. 3:40 where are you looking Alix?🤔

  22. i got hurt by the word “SINGLE”

  23. Who else thought 'Im a single lady' was 'Im a cigarette'??

  24. 😍😍😍😍😍 amo a esta mujer

  25. You have the EXACT same voice as the kitten lady lol ♥️

  26. We already know what she uses that banana for

  27. You are an adorable kooky lady. I feel love coming your way.

  28. She’s so great! I love her!🙈😍

  29. Honestly how is alix still single, I’m a 13 year old girl (not lesbien) and I love her (obviously not seriously im straight) but she has the best personality and has the best recipes lol 🙂

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