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How To BBQ on a Stove Top Grill • Tasty

No grill for a backyard BBQ? No worries! Let us show you how to get that genuine barbecue feel from this stove top grill straight from amazon!

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Jermaine Rawlings


40 thoughts on “How To BBQ on a Stove Top Grill • Tasty

  1. I love to see it! 🤩😍 keep doing ya thing, KING 😌🥰

  2. This dawg is a chef I want every weekend

  3. More Jermaine vids pleeeease 🙌🏼

  4. Now my mouth is all watering…

    More Jermaine videos, please!

  5. All of the chicken thighs is way too thick. I doubt it's all cook through.

  6. We’re first gonna add some olive oil. We’ll add more olive oil. And the finishing touch, olive oil.

  7. What is he using to heat the griddle/grill?

  8. I love your passion and your way of cooking. keep it up.

  9. he is most wholesome person ever

  10. I thought this was a grill used on the stove top, but you’re not using the stove top ? What is the electric heating element you’re using to heat up the grill pan. What is the electrical unit called. Didn’t see anything in the description and what size is the pan. Please add some links so we know where to get all the items that you used. I enjoyed the video and want to buy the lodge grill pan and the electric element that you used under the grill to heat it. Thank you !

  11. Love him!!! I’m getting one tomorrow!!!

  12. Now I call this a chef who you love to cook with and follow his recipes, cooking must be fun not torture and those chefs who help me to cook three dishes a day while having fun are my heroes and they have my eternal gratitude, keep going good chefs!
    From Persia (Iran💙)😁

  13. I smashed that like button.

  14. Can it be used on a electric stove

  15. So awesome!👏🏻👏🏻

  16. I love this guy. What is his name? I want to follow him 😊😊😍

  17. Can you check weird kitchen gadgets?? Idk just for fun? 😀

  18. Love this guuuyyyyyyy!!!

  19. Do more videos with him please!! 🥺🙏🏽

  20. lmao when people who aren't spanish use spanish words lol nice try though. cool vid.

  21. This is my new favorite cook in tasty

  22. Dude is really lazy use everything in powder

  23. Haha he’s so bomb! Very entertaining and that food looks so good!! Do more videos God bless


  25. I'm enjoying it. I wish I could eat it too. Looks delicious.

  26. Can I call him adorable? Please let me say he's adorable

  27. Then my dad know exactly what he doing because his feet stay ashy as hell 😂🥴 food be good tho 🤣

  28. A rare combo of Proness and humor 💪♥️.

  29. The food he cooked looks amazing. I wish I was eating it right now😋

  30. I enjoyed his great sense of humor.. 😊

  31. He has a great personality!

  32. My smoke detector goes off when I keep the bedroom door open during a shower. I can’t imagine having this in my house 😂. I can only dream

  33. Okay I LOVE this guy !

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