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How I Make Viral Food Videos

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26 thoughts on “How I Make Viral Food Videos

  1. Literally everything on this list has been done before.

  2. People have done banana bread and cheese cake before.

  3. This is very interesting video, Thanks

  4. Wow amazing will try I just started my food channel just subscribe to your channel will follow you hope one day will be successful like you ❤️

  5. You have a very nice channel, congratulations

  6. The title should have said "Almost a Doctor?" With her photo in the thumbnail.

  7. your food career story is very lovely alix

  8. Aligot = Instant cholestérol

  9. Please tell me you graduated Alix.

  10. Heyy!!! I can relate to Alix’s tooo like in thoughts , I am about to step into the medicinal field (like literally on process) , but my interests are rooted into the food recipes and yummm thingiess too. !! Yeah! ✌🏻

  11. Why are there so many lactose intolerant producers at tasty ??

  12. I wish I have the ability to be creative like that, I think it comes with time.. I been creating cooking videos for over a year now and it is so difficult to get even a hundred views.. any suggestions will be proudly appreciated… I really have a lot passion for cooking and I would like the world to see what I can offer then, it might sound cliche but that is how I feel.. maybe one day I'll be just like you maybe not one million views or subscriber, but at least one thousand views.. I will continue to follow my dream in the kitchen.. thank you very much for all the great food you gave us everytime.. THANK YOU

  13. Didn’t Mark Rober make a skinned watermelon?

  14. And then i moved to Sweden ! 😂

  15. people don't want to hear how u did the receipe!

  16. I just started my channel. I definitely will use your tips. Thank you

  17. Wow…ill get diabetes simply watching you. You are like your Nepolian cake. Cool mind, sweet heart yet hot outside. You rock sisy…love from India all the way….keep inspiring and cooking

  18. You are amazing, keep up the good job🙂

  19. ill take it from you.

  20. Definitely want to become a chef thank you

  21. The chicken lasagne thing is cool but my mom's been doing that since 2004…

  22. Wow I didn’t know your story it was very inspirational thanks for all you do

  23. OMG the new recipes in here are soooo amazing. I wanna recreate some of these

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