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How I Make My Favorite Japanese Food In Winter • Tasty

Make Rie’s favorite Japanese foods this winter!

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50 thoughts on “How I Make My Favorite Japanese Food In Winter • Tasty

  1. 違う、違う、可哀想、違う、違う

  2. Rie is damn attractive.

  3. When I think of mochi my mind immediately goes to jimin

  4. During winter nabe is cooked very often. In Japan, there are many kinds of ready-made soups selling in supermarkets. So it helps not to feel bored with the same taste. I like kimchi soup as its spicy. This is very easy cooking as you just cut the vegetables whatever you like and add meat or fish then pour the soup and cook till vegetables get soft.

  5. Man Japanese culture is amazing I’ve always wanted to go

  6. Everybody gangsta until the mochi becomes alive

  7. I love the japanese culture especially their food!!!
    sadly i often can't find the needed ingredients to make those dishes 🙁

  8. wait shes from hiroshima??

  9. Is no one going to say that she is identical to Colette de ratatouille?!

  10. Unpopular opinion:- Japanese food is bland and tasteless

  11. These all look fabulous and delicious for the holidays. I may do the trend myself, for fun. It looks yummy.

  12. Malaysia don't have no winter here…………… :'(

  13. Everyone: The mochi is floating!!!!

    Me: Uraraka??

  14. There's something I've noticed about Japanese cooking. The meat is rarely browned, the meat is usually boiled in some way. Or deep fried. In the west, we very often brown meat by BBQ, rotisserie, or just fried. I'm not sure I've ever bitten into meat fat that wasn't just about liquified.

  15. even the carrots look fancy

  16. who else watches Rie this quarantine season xD

  17. She makes food look so pretty that i dont want to eat it BUT I WANT ONE RIGHT NOW

  18. Oden. One of my favorite dishes.

  19. 0:41 hahaahaahahahahah How it looks like??

  20. Where are the recipes???

  21. The most trust I have ever blindly placed in a Tasty video belongs to this video and its brilliant foodie, Rie. Dude. I don't know who you are, but you have resurrected the honour of Tasty in just one click, and I will keep clicking…and trusting. applause.

  22. SO many tasty vegetable options. I want to eat like this every day.

  23. This is super fascinating for me especially because where I'm from, our traditional foods are 'rustic' & their charm is in being hearty & a bit sloppy & simple. So the difference in culture is interesting, the Japanese are so neat & meticulous about everything.

  24. the first chicken roll seemed uncooked in the middle 🙁 looked delicious though!

  25. I like ozoni with monkfish!

  26. She’s so cute!😍 We must protect her at all costs.

  27. I watch Tasty only for Rie <3 <3 <3

  28. In winter my family makes gumbo. It's a tradition that me and my aunt keep up every year for Christmas. My grandma also makes her version which is absolutely to die for and she is from Louisiana ☺️💕

  29. Wait. Rie is from Hiroshima

  30. They start to slowly kill the guy. – 7:15


  31. reminds me of shinchan….

  32. am I the only one who heard “I don’t like to hear what u make during winter” 7:20

  33. Any Japanese food is fancy af

  34. Rie make a video on japanese savoury foods

  35. If I think of mochi I think of jimin 💜

  36. Rie is my mother figure

  37. "and loaded with healthy ingredients"
    lays 10 strips of bacon

  38. this could be a great asmr actually lol

  39. Tasty can you do Chinese winter food?

  40. Who's watching this after Rie made mochi with ice cream? Where she made a little friend for The Good Advice Cupcake.

  41. Who else watches this video again and again just to see the mochi-grilling part?

  42. Me: "There must be some kind of super intelligent human in 2020"
    While in 2020 : "WhO eLSe wAtCheS tHeSe bUt NevEr MaKes tHe f00d?"

  43. Chonky nabe 😀

  44. I'm scared of the absence of spices…
    (yes, I'm Indian)

  45. Chicken soup, gumbo, vegetable soup, chicken and dumpling, Mexican cornbread, chicken pot pie, mess up cake, and right before it gets too hot outside, crawfish boil. All my favourite things

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