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How I Make My Favorite Japanese Food In Spring • Tasty

Join Rie as she walks us through her favorite Japanese springtime recipes! Which ones are you cooking?

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38 thoughts on “How I Make My Favorite Japanese Food In Spring • Tasty

  1. 私はすぐに空腹になるかもしれません,

    (I might be hungry soon)


    (I “would” like to try these foods, Since im Japanese culture

  2. What is your favorite green tea brand?Can you do video a week meal japan

  3. I remember my first time seeing the cherry blossoms little did I know with be for a gigantic war

  4. who here loves anime from japan

  5. Just watching Rie videos and enjoying how enthusiastic she is to tell us about Japan and her own experiences, the nostalgia is palpable and I love it tysm! Please keep making these vids for a long time, but even when you aren’t anymore I’ll just rewatch the old ones:)))))

  6. I love your voice! It is so pretty and calming!

  7. I need to marry a Japanese Chef.

  8. Too much work for Americans…hahahahahahha

  9. Me: Oh that looks so good
    Rie: puts sake in her food
    Me: nvm It has alcohol in it

  10. Rie is basically an Angel that knows how to cook and need to be protected at all cost

  11. For the last recipe can you use flour instead of starch?

  12. マイコーウェブ

  13. I will definitely visit Japan! Thank you for the recipes I will be sure to ask my mom to help me with experimenting these recipes! 😊😋😁😀


  15. There is no "I'm a tasty producer" today hahahahaha

  16. Rie= i hope you can go to Japan during spring time..
    Covid 19= in your dream..

  17. Idk how I’m gone get these ingredients everyone buying up everything

  18. Bento box, please 🙂

  19. At the beginning of the video when Rie said "Hi im Rie" My subtitles read hi 3/8🤣💀 i can't

  20. A spring without you is coming

    -kousei arima

  21. “I’ve made savory 🍣,never sweet!” So great ideas to try!”🍓

  22. Hello, how are you ??? I am a girl from Jordan who is very impressed with your channel I hope that you will add the Arabic language translation

  23. I will admit I am incredibly undereducated when it comes to Japanese culture. But listening to Rie talk about Japanese customs is fascinating

  24. She looks tasty

  25. I need Rie when I’m having a bad day!!! ❤️

  26. I was supposed to go visit my brother and his wife in Japan next month, but plans cancelled on account of global pandemic. Oh well, next year hopefully 🙂

  27. That is, hoping coronavirus doesn't ruin everything :'(

  28. Anyone else hear Rie say OG?

  29. Nobody:

    Rie: "O.G. One-Pot Recipe"

  30. Is it just me or Rie looks like Colette Tatou in Ratatouille…. BTW I love Rie 🥰

  31. My brother lives in Japan so I've have gone during several seasons. I like going in September or October. I went once during Golden week and it took forever to get anywhere! I also went in late August to climb Mt. Fuji (only time I could get there during climbing season) – I'll never visit in August, again… HOT!

  32. Your accent is not proper 😂
    It will be difficult for the viewers to understand.

  33. Love this vid. More of other country food recipe pls.

  34. "Unlike in America you can bring alcohol with you"? Wait what? I live here and have never heard of this being a thing or experienced it. If I want to go to a park with alcohol I can and have done that maybe times. Or is this just a weird California thing?

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