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How A Food Stylist Makes A Peanut Butter & Jelly Sandwich • Tasty

Peanut butter and jelly. It might seem simple, but to a food stylist it can be an infinite number of possibilities.

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49 thoughts on “How A Food Stylist Makes A Peanut Butter & Jelly Sandwich • Tasty

  1. 3:37 it looks like mustard and ketchup ._.

  2. food stylists remind me of people who are extra af

  3. He kinda looks like markiplier.

    Just me? K.

  4. Why do I fell like this guy gets off to Food Magazine

  5. As an English guy I think I can speak for all English people when I say it’s peanut butter and jam, not jelly

  6. 😂I saw nothing special in his work idk y sorry

  7. *Ahhhhh…… I will just "EAT"

  8. In allergic to peanuts

  9. Ok but am i the only one that thought the thumbnail was markiplier?

  10. A toasted pb and j sounds sp gud

  11. This video is the definition of food porn

  12. Bro why tf are you concerned about what the ingredients can do like just eat the damn sandwich

  13. Okay but who’s gonna eat it

  14. You can tell how much he knows he's bullshitting

  15. I genuinely feel bad for him

  16. Didn't your mother taught you not to play with your food?

  17. bro im so grossed out like he just grabbed a chunk of chunky peanut butter, and squeezed milk in a jelly cup out of a rag-

  18. He has a good asmr voice

  19. this guy is horny describing PB&J

  20. Thumbnail told me this was Markiplier

  21. "Looks good?"
    Me starving on the bed:ಠ益ಠ

  22. Hes talking in all lowercase

  23. 5:26 didnt your mother ever tell you not to play with your food?

  24. Why is no one talking about how there was a PB&J in a cook book?

  25. Santos: this is what you will want to sink your teeth into.

    Gluten free people: am i a joke to you

  26. He'd be great doing ASMR

  27. Ok but am I the only one who hates Pb&j sandwiches

  28. i dont want that sandwich its got a pound of peanut butter

  29. Get the maid it's messy 😂

  30. Dayuuuumn!his voice tho😷

  31. Me: peanut butter and jelly, I’ll eat it

  32. Alternate title:
    Food stylist seducting a peanut butter and jelly sandwich

  33. Say his lastname first and his firstname last, now you know where gta 5 takes place

  34. The screen: Santos Loo
    Him: Santos Low
    Me: Haha Santos Toilet

  35. My guy, it just a PB&J sandwich.

  36. Imagine eating a wrong p & j

  37. Mom: Why is it taking so long for you to make PB&J?!
    Me: “You can’t rush art.”

  38. Did anyone else just have the urge to clean the countertop after he just casually smeared sticky peanut butter and jelly all over it? 😂😂

  39. Just came down here to say that his voice, no this video is Unintentional ASMR

  40. Me at 3am doing a snack

  41. His name is Santos Loo , Guess his' favourite videogame

  42. It doesn't have to take 10 minutes, just to make a sandwich, with 3 ingredients.

  43. Jesus, get a room you 4 👀

  44. 2:37 that sandwich is thicc

  45. He should teach literature when he's not styling food

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