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Homemade Vs. Fast Food: Doritos Locos Tacos • Tasty

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47 thoughts on “Homemade Vs. Fast Food: Doritos Locos Tacos • Tasty

  1. should have put the nacho dust on it when it was flat and then put it in the holder.

  2. I’m gonna try to re create this wish me luck

  3. I want to make this recipe

  4. For good tacos you need to be patient and it takes a long time but it's worth it

  5. I'm sorry, but those look wack :/

  6. There are equal parts meat and sour cream in those tacos and I’m not mad about it.


  8. What you added to the beef is close to what I add when I make tacos. A suggestion, aside from the MSG, I have found that it's good to just pour in some very spicy salsa. (Use the spiciest salsa you can find: the beef cuts the spice a lot and it comes out very mild.)

  9. The powder on the outside of a dorito is just for color: the flavor is in the chip, the orange powder is just there because everyone expects it to be.

  10. 😐ik I didn't just c MSG what's the point of it cant even taste it

  11. Already better than taco bells because taco bell never evenly distributes the sour cream

  12. The $$$$ to taste ratio is probably not worth the homemade. During these hard times sticking to Taco Bell, but appreciate the gourmet effort. Great video!!!

  13. Mario is a great chef..

  14. 3:35 Make sure those tortillas maintain social distance🤣😂

  15. Am I tripping or is Super Mario making tacos

  16. Rogue Chunks was my nickname in high school.

  17. His mustache is so magnificent wtf

  18. He's super cute, respect to tasty for making more content with him 🙏

  19. I love when chefs cannot work simple kitchen appliances, that my 8yr can 😅😂

  20. Taco Bell Doritos shell comes made they just take it out of the box and place on line to sell loco tacos 🌮 all of the food is pre made mand frozen I know I use to work there

  21. Seeing him using metal tools in teflon pans is giving me a conniption

  22. That mustache definitely gives him the ability to make godly tacos

  23. The tacos look so good you should try to m as is a big maze from McDonald’s or in n out burger

  24. Joe looks like what I wish my ex looked like 😅

  25. This and taco Bell's baja blast are the reason I go there. If anyone likes mtn dew baja blast, it's in bottles and cans until May

  26. wow Love from South Korea.

  27. This is just DELANEY in a disguise!

  28. They sell sour cream squeeze packs essay.

  29. Make Ben and Jerry's New York super fudge chunk

  30. This was great content!! He really was a relatable host, funny too lol

  31. One half of the comments: can I marry this guy

    The other half: can I marry this guy

  32. “Look great 👍!”

  33. homemade mcchicken 👀👀

  34. This is my favorite thing at Taco Bell!!! Supreme of course 😋

  35. Jajaja i loved this😍😍

  36. Bonua Beef Italian beef sandwich ❤️

  37. Taco Bell made a burrito with Chili Cheese Fritos in it once. I love Chili Cheese Fritos so I went and tried one. It was the most crack food I have ever eaten, I swear.

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