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Epic Party Dishes

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36 thoughts on “Epic Party Dishes

  1. hey yyuhhh u should probly take the bayleaves out——

  2. There’s one question I constantly ask myself “Who eats all the leftovers? Could I be them?”

  3. The first song they put sounded like the bnb office theme song 1:59

  4. I could use these recipes for a pot luck for my school

  5. Me: watches this over and over again
    Also me: waits for party where someone makes these

  6. this stuff looks so good but I know that I'm not making any of this stuff any soon
    Am I the only one?

  7. 09:46 this one looks like a tentacula monster

  8. The Nobel Peace Prize: whoever made the 8 desserts on the one tray.

  9. 5:43
    – hey where's all the ingredients I put out for the recipe?
    me: oh… licks fingers you were making something with those?

  10. 6:10 that looks sooooo good😋🤯

  11. 쉐사르보마텐

  12. I tried the pizza one but using my own dough and it was TASTY AF

  13. When your on a party and you get Bread 11:04 whahhaha 😂🤪 you dont even do that when you are dutch🙃

    Edit: wow that Bread looks gooodddd😊🙃💜

    Edit 2: you know What is tasty in your Bread???:BANANAS😂😂

    Edit 3: nobodey should see this in 2020 enyways..🙃

  14. Se mi nonna vende sta roba oltre a sbroccá ce more de arresto cardiaco

  15. who wants to guess how many gallons of butter they put in the dishes?

  16. They made a mistake at11:55

  17. Title: “Epic heart attack”

  18. as an Asian I'm very much offended that they didn't wash the rice 3 times before cooking

  19. So that first one… kinda skipped over the part where you have to mix all of those different doughs separately. Novel but, what a task!

  20. If I'm correct your welcome to correct me but there is 21 different pieces on the 8 dessert one tray portion

  21. Anndddd this is why i'm fat

  22. my friend: sees what i'm watching
    me: smiles innocently
    my friend: aw no not this again

  23. anyone else getting hungry

  24. Not like we’ll need these for a while

  25. I always end up watching these kind of videos and always feeling the need to make it too, but my lazy ass-

  26. 00:37 Now I’m now profesional but isn’t procioto already really salty? I don’t think it needs the salt seems like overkill tbh

  27. Can you believe? that I cooked 6 of them this foods. It was very yummy 😋. Thank you so much for your video.💓

  28. Before you know it all the cheese in America is gone not pointing fingers but I think I know why :p

  29. 💋 😘 MUAH👌

  30. Does it annoy anyone else that they didn’t show them taking the bay leaves and Parmesan rind out of the food?

  31. me watching this at 2 am when im hungry

  32. When vives en Peru y te dan plástico en la piñata REPORT CORONAVIRUS

  33. Me watching this while im starving in bed at 3:00 am

    Update: it's currently 3:30 am and im gonna watch food asmr

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