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Cheesy Recipes

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24 thoughts on “Cheesy Recipes

  1. I don't know i thought it would be finger tasting but it is a little disappointing

  2. 2:34

    ignore this comment I just need to make a time stamp for easy cheese food

  3. ♥️♥️♥️🙂🙂🍝🍝🍲🍛🍜🥗

  4. I just tried the wraps at 9:22
    Omg.. this was delicious.. thank you Tasty!

  5. For the macaroon, how much milk do we have to put and how much do we have to boil it for?

  6. I like cheesy recipes to eat

  7. tasty fans waitin’ for the cheese recipes

  8. I v watched a lot of videos of tasty but not tried any of them…i just end up wishing someday someone will cook them for me 😥is anyone like me out there??

  9. Why do they put parsley and cheese on everything… Like LITTERALLY

  10. Me : yay let's do this !!!
    Ingredients : ya right !?! 🙄
    Me :🥺

  11. Rie: make it fancy
    Alvin: make it big
    This video: make it parsley

  12. this music bops ngl

  13. can't we talk about how big the eggplant is?lmao

  14. The only ingredient I have is cheese thats why I searched up for recipes with cheese-

  15. "giant eggplant"
    my brain:
    me:no don't you dare think about that

  16. I fear no man
    But those things
    4:07 they scare me

  17. nobody:
    I wonder if there's any cheesy jokes in the comments

    Well there is now!

    Don't make me stretch the puns to much 🙂

  18. Can you make some vegetarian foood

  19. I hate that loop music

  20. stop torturing us please

  21. I put youtube on autoplay and it started from gym exercises to this. I closed youtube, ordered pizza, and started a movie marathon. 😂😂😂

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