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Can This Chef Make Eggos Fancy? • Tasty

Rie is challenged to make Eggo waffles fancy!

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48 thoughts on “Can This Chef Make Eggos Fancy? • Tasty

  1. Thank you for watching! Just wanted you to know that even though I did double alcohol, I didn’t consume any final item cooked for this episode. Consuming alcohol while pregnant may cause harm of pregnancy. Hope you guys enjoy this episode!

  2. no one
    not you
    not my dog
    not tasty
    not buzzfeed
    not netflix
    me: eleven/elle is proud

  3. I would love that dessert 🍨 but I would hate the meringue on top. Who knows Rie would probably make it so delicious that I would eat it. 🍮🤗🤷🏾‍♀️🥚🥞

  4. On ríes vídeo with the fruity pebbles my comment got 2.1k likes! Can we beat the record ?

  5. Fire is my friend 🙂

  6. El would be proud

  7. El would love this fancy version of Eggos 🧇🧇😍🌻🌻

  8. Her laugh is so cute I love it

  9. I think Rie called me a monkey

  10. I prefer it when the thumbnail does not reveal the end product already. Makes it more exciting to watch

  11. i like how she gives instructions like we are following

  12. If I had one of the tasty producers as my parent, I would be so fat…..

  13. Waffles are actually from America!

  14. Every time she said "Make It Fancy" and did the hand gesture, my life got a little bit better…

  15. Yall should make a apron that says ‘i have never tried this before’

  16. so cute when he says "shout out to monkey"

  17. its just not fair how this dudes make 50 pound pancakes and make eggos fancy but 50% of the audiences mothers yell at them for not stiring the egg like she does i know there trying to teach you but they end up crushing dreams

  18. Sugar, sugar, sugar.

  19. I love your videos and I try to make the foods you made and it is not simple when you are using alcohol i am still a big fan of your work but please try using less alcohol since it is bad for me and you

  20. Me: Oh, cmon, it's waffles, she can't possibly have alcohol in a dish with waffl-

    Rie: Bourbon, AND Brandy! DOUBLE ALCOHOL!!

    Me: 0_0

  21. El is quacking lol

  22. Eleven : 👁👄👁

  23. Can you make Clanger???

  24. Rie; if you want to have eggo waffles again, i recommend their thick and fluffy ones

  25. I wonder if any tasty employees are dating

  26. is there any difference between powdered sugar and sugar>???

  27. We love a Queen who watches Stranger Things! 😌💅

  28. Hi Rie! I love how you "make it fancy" when you cook🥰 I was wondering if you can recreate a version of baking an entire cake using only a microwave oven. I saw a video before from Bigger Bolder Baking where she made a yellow cake with a microwave. But maybe can you make it fancy by making a chocolate or red velvet cake instead? Pleeeeease🙏🙏🙏🙏🥺🥺🥺 😘😘😘😍😍😍 thank you! I'll look forward to watching it😘

  29. Me watching this video …..

    Suddenly remembered that eleven loved eggos

  30. Anyone just skips to where there eating the food but not making it. Anybody

  31. I love her accent so much like she speaks fluent English but has n korean accent

  32. Eleven wants to know your location

  33. Eleven is gonna be so fancy after eating this (if you know what i mean)

  34. I think if someone else make a make it fancy video it wont be as fun to watch because its not Rie

  35. tasty: can this chef make eggos fancy?
    no one:

    me: eggos isn't fancy? 😳

  36. Rie is Japanese right

  37. We need "I've never tried this before" merch

  38. lol i also knew eggos from Stranger Things

  39. why is rie always so happy
    maybe because of the dick

  40. Jane has joined the chat

  41. Rie's accent is really soothing. I love her so much.

  42. Anybody else see makeing eggs fancy instead of eggos

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