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Can This Chef Make Canned Ravioli Fancy? • Tasty

Rie is challenged to make Chef Boyardee fancy!

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34 thoughts on “Can This Chef Make Canned Ravioli Fancy? • Tasty

  1. you are supposed to put them in the microwave for a minute 30…

  2. Ad: How do you do health?
    Rie: Make it fancy ☝️

  3. This is literally ravioli from the movie

  4. I ate so much Ravioli growing up i thought Chef Boyardee was my uncle

  5. Rie: What’s in your wallet.
    Me: Not my Visa

  6. When Rie didn’t say “annnd brandy”I was shocked 😂

  7. imagine saying THE Rie is your mother

  8. Me:watching every other make it fancy

    Also me: watches this one making sure I didn't hear it wrong ride isn't using alcohol

    I'm the only one watching this right now

  9. In our country eggplants' other English name is said to be "Brinjal'' 🍆 and it is usually cooked just liked Rie did but we even add turmeric to the eggplant slices and it tastes amazing….! You all can try.

  10. Want to be youtube friends? 🙂

  11. I just realized she looked like Colette from Ratatouille!!!!

  12. i was so into rie's cooking till Chris came. my eyeballs turned into heart shapes
    anyone can relate?

  13. Is this a recipe that Rie didn’t use alcohol

  14. Idk since when I love to watch tasty

  15. i feel like i could add some parsley and it would be fancy(er)

    like, tasty. you really served our queen some canned ravioli

  16. Eggplant is a fruit

  17. Rie: omg I cannot open this.. MOOM!
    Adam: exists and opens can for Rie
    Rie: thanks Mom

  18. 4:29 Rie, what about Brandy ?😂🙃🙃

  19. You heathen!

    Eating a singular Ravioli Ravioli with a knife and fork!

    Not only did you only eat one but the only way to eat Ravioli Ravioli is with a spoon!

    Oh and am I the only one who thought she made it look like a pizza roll

  20. Honestly I'm not much of a eggplant fan but that looks really good !☺

  21. betsy is adorable

  22. Finally no alcohol 😋🤪😛😝😜

  23. How pregnancy affected Rie :

    – She missed the drum rolls

    – She missed the " I never tried this before " line

    And importantly

    – She didn't use alcohol on her recipe :")

  24. Wheres the alcohol there's ALWAYS alcohol! and she didn't says I HAVE NEVER TRIED THIS BEFORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. Hey rie please make something fancy for me tomorrow is my birthday and because of qauritine I can't get cake please please please please please please please please please please please please I beg you and how are you

  26. Rie adding real garlics me:okay were is the garlic powder

  27. I just realized she said bake it for 25 Fahrenheit for 10 minutes 😂

  28. Filthy Frank would be proud.

  29. Rie is so adorable when she says make it fancy

  30. Rie: Calls her knifes her ladies
    Me: ladies on the tip of her finger…

  31. You're not Rie, you didn't use your alcohol

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