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Can This Chef Cook A 3-Course Meal With An Air Fryer? • Tasty

“I feel fine! I mean, how poorly can this go?”

Get the airfryer now!

This video was filmed before shelter-in-place orders were announced. BuzzFeed employees are now practicing social distancing and sheltering in place. We encourage everyone to do the same.

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30 thoughts on “Can This Chef Cook A 3-Course Meal With An Air Fryer? • Tasty

  1. curling iron? or straightner

  2. You should use a DEEP FRYER!!! 😏😅

  3. The aryfrier is our god during the pandemic

  4. I think you should do a freezer episode

  5. Chef out of water is DEFINITELY one of my favorite series by Tasty!

  6. Why did i get sooo triggered she didnt just make chips or potatoes for the appetiser that’s one of the things air fryer r useful for

  7. as somebody from worcestershire, hearing people mispronounce it is kind of hilarious

  8. Washing machine!!!



  10. should’ve got a air fryer like mine. mine looks like a mini oven

  11. Glad I watched this before buying an air fryer.

  12. Thats a wierd remilade

  13. Use smoker!!! I mean the DIY smoker that nikki used to smoke the watermelon.

  14. My family literally makes 80% of our food with an air fryer

  15. do one with a toaster

  16. 17:45 me after 4 hours of being awake lol… I love these COOW episodes so much 😊

  17. Alixis it’s wer-set-cher….

    Jk. i have no idea how to say it

  18. How is it the one thing she wanted to FRY, she couldnt get to work… in an airFRYer….?

  19. She should make a 3 coarse meal with hair tool! For example, curling iron, hair straightener, etc. That will be so cool!

  20. Actual cooking appliance? Multiple cooking fails and much difficulty and many redos

    Totally random tool/appliance? 5 star meal

  21. Puts SO much salt on: “it’s sooOOOOoo salty”….. omg what a surprise!

  22. The weirder the appliances the easier it is to cook😂🤣

  23. Can this chef make a three course meal with a broiler only

  24. Her confidence level is almost always 7 lol

  25. You should make a meal using like a hot marble stone

  26. Make her cook in 🛀 bathtub

  27. She could try a sandwich maker! Who agrees? 0w0

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