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Can My American Friend Follow This Recipe In Japanese?

Can Andrew cook up Rie’s recipe in Japanese? 👀

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24 thoughts on “Can My American Friend Follow This Recipe In Japanese?

  1. As a weeb I'm not surprised I can understand it all.

  2. More like cooking from sign language

  3. Rie, Andrew, Alix, Alvin, Alexis = Tasty Fan Favourites

  4. The both like each other soo much

  5. Andrew has like an awkward aura that's kinda dark but not…. listen he just scares me.

  6. Good job putting “foreign language” over the subtitles.

  7. I really love hearing Japanese words I somehow understand some of because maybe I spend a lot of time watching anime's

  8. 南蛮漬を食べたことないけど、美味しそう!作ろうとすると思う 😊

  9. Round carrot 😅

  10. Does he understand the language abit though or what

  11. You wont believe how many times i repeated this
    I edited something and you dont know what it is heheehhe

  12. Andrew is awkwardly hot 🥵 am I the only one?

  13. At first I wasn't into the concept of this series because all they have to do is read her gestures, but I actually really like it now! It's cool to expose the viewers to the Japanese culture, cuisine, and language. I feel like this is a way to put the spotlight on Rie's culture without necessarily Americanizing it! 🙂

  14. What did andrew has for breakfast?

  15. He must be really good at charades.

  16. They should do more of them but in urdu
    Pleeeeeeeeeeeeease TASTY

  17. 0:22 the way Rie pronounces Andrew's name in japanese XD

  18. Rie is too good in explaining

  19. I think you to would make a great couple

  20. i like how instead of translating the subtitles just say Speaks in foreign language lol

  21. that is like a japanese ceviche

  22. I LOVE THIS!!!!!!!!

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