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Can I Transform This Gross Vintage Recipe? • Tasty

Can Alix make this recipe for Ham & Bananas Hollandaise taste good?!

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Alix Traeger–MAaQ


32 thoughts on “Can I Transform This Gross Vintage Recipe? • Tasty

  1. I just love that almost everything she used is French but said ALL of it incorrectly 😂🤣😂🤣

  2. Hmm I don’t think changing the recipe was necessary, you just need the right banana, plantain would have worked

  3. You could've just made banana bread

  4. Alix, if this became your tasty show please name it “Make it Tasty” in reference of “Make it Fancy”

  5. Alix's puns: CRINGE…..

  6. 0:45 hmmm why do u love bananas 🤔

  7. switching banana to plantain and sticking to the original recipe might makes sense

  8. I thought she was going to turn the whole banana thing into fried plantains

  9. We must admit it:Rie,Alix, Alexis,Alvin and Inga are the main reason we love this channel❤

  10. Its like hiding vegetables in non vegetable things

  11. I’ve loved ham and banana sandwiches since I was a teenager. No dressing, no butter, just ham, bananas, and sliced bread. Sometimes I’ll just have banana wrapped in ham as a snack, with no bread. I’m not even sure how I discovered that I like this weird combination of flavours but it’s not a million miles away from bananas and bacon on French toast, which I didn’t try until years later when I saw it on a restaurant menu.

  12. I have made this recipe quite a few times (the original) it's really yummy, but I make cheese béchamel sauce instead of hollandaise.

  13. Alix you was vegan know

  14. Yummy I might try this myself too looks delicious

  15. How to transform a gross recipe?
    cover it with as much cheese as you can.

  16. Hey Alex as far as I can see u lost weight like a lot of it so just wanted to say good job!

  17. Let’s all just admit it…. Alix looks better than any of us will ever look

  18. It's still ham n banana

  19. Does anyone know how Alix is single

  20. What if for the original recipe, you swapped prosciutto for the ham, and used a honey-djion mustard instead of yellow mustard. Melon and prosciutto is common, and the honey-djion would be less bold and add to the sweetness of the banana.

  21. Ummm I mean ali is funny…… but not always!

  22. This is like make it fancy but instead its make it good.
    (No shade to make it fancy)

  23. I thought she left tastyy. But I'm sooooo happy she's back! 🙏

  24. i love these kinds of videos

  25. Today alix look way more beauty

  26. Can we please get more of alix's mom?

  27. She has those Jennifer Lawrence/ always sexy-smoldery-cute-as-heck- always smiling eyes. Alix is just the super-cutiest.

  28. it seems like she put a bunch of other foods to over power the ham!!!

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