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Can I Make A Big Mac Faster Than My Postmate Delivers It? • Tasty

Is delivery always easier? Matt puts that to the test when he tries to make a Big Mac in the same amount of time it takes to have one delivered.

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49 thoughts on “Can I Make A Big Mac Faster Than My Postmate Delivers It? • Tasty

  1. Can anyone please tell me which cheese slice is it

  2. What do you mean that a single Big Mac

  3. I worked at McDonald's for a year, I would eat yours before there's!

  4. damn now i’m hungry and it’s 1:00am

  5. 《=== So nice😍😍😍

  6. Please visit me. My videos are all about easy baking recipes. 😊😊😊😊😊

  7. Him: Does anyone want to take a bite of the big Mac I ate out of?

    Corona: Am I a joke to you?!

  8. Hmmmm look great 👍🏻

  9. To deliver 2 Big Macs doesnt take longer than delivering 1…. u cant say u made two while they delivered only 1.. why would they make and deliver more than u order.. make it make sense

  10. Burgers are my favourite and i make them clean for weight watchers 💞💞



  13. Did he really forget the tomatoe-

  14. Can I please just ask: why bumblebee..

  15. The only ingredient I have:

    A gorgeous Saucepan

  16. Hey, Tasty. You should make a homemade Blizzard from Dairy Queen.

  17. See I’m not trusted near the kitchen…I’m banned from it
    I burnt a cheese burger from McDonald’s in the microwave and almost set it on fire . My house smelt like burnt plastic for 4 days and my dad never found out-

  18. but can you cook a big mac AND clean up all your dirty dishes before your order arrives 🤨🤨

  19. Wow wowwww I ll make it tooo

  20. This Comment Section: JoShua wEIsSmaN

  21. Me: Can we have But Better?
    Mom: We have But Better at home

    But Better at home:

  22. You should have offered a bite to the driver XD

  23. This would be interesting when we aren’t in a pandemic that makes delivery Times higher than normal

  24. Looks like a fake Josh Wiessmen

  25. You didn't assemble that correctly

  26. At first I thought he was Joshua Weissman

  27. Short ansewer: yes

  28. Why am I watching these at night someone cut my connection 😭

  29. They said it couldnt be done

  30. Youre shaking man hahahha love it

  31. One Random Person Who Like This Will BecomeA Billionire One Day

  32. Great job dude 👍👍

  33. I mean homemade is good too, but you forgot to add the time it takes to clean up the kitchen. You can tell i hate clean ups 😂😂

  34. Try making chickfila nuggetts

  35. his burger >>>>>> mcdonald’s burger

  36. Lesson is to make food at home instead

  37. Breathe honey 😂🥺

  38. The homemade Big Mac looks really good.

  39. 2020 is a strange year so far. They even make burger vs burger videos without someone ever biting into a burger. So unsatisfying.

  40. Nobody: Tasty: can we grow the ingredients faster than the farmers

  41. During my McDonalds days the Big Mav was my go too.
    Thank you so much for helping me recreate something I enjoyed eating but homemade. 👌🏾

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